Theory behind Flo-Rida’s lack of talent

After giving it lots of thought I finally worked out why Flo-Rida is so incredibly awful. Besides the obvious; the obnoxious ‘that’s so clever’ name, the fact that he ruins every song he’s in and stooped so low as to cop a feel of Simon Cowell he bears a striking resemblance to a certain species of pokémon.

I can conclude with absolute certainty that Flo Rida is actually a seaking in disguise.

As such; he cannot be blamed for being terrible as he is waiting for his trainer AKA Timbaland to tell him to use hyper beam.

Also he is doubly k as seaking cannot learn the move sing; and therefore by definition Flo Rida cannot sing; which everybody knows is fact.

Adding to this; according to Flo Rida’s bulbapedia page in the autumn, Flo Rida can be seen performing courtship dances in riverbeds to woo females. During this season, this Pokémon’s body coloration is at its most beautiful. This explains all of Flo Rida’s videos and songs; therefore the theory has been proven. Flo Rida is a seaking; somebody please use the master ball on him.


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