But I can see it from here…

This world is gone to the dogs, and here’s why:

1. DFS managed a 79% profit increase by featuring a woman covering her breasts with flowers; does that spell sofas to you? I hope not; because if so you’re probably one of their many customers that actually admitted in a survey to having a leather fetish.

2. Lostprophets promised that their new album would be like all their old stuff combined and improved; the same promised made by Trivium for ‘Shogun’. But whilst Trivium succeeded and created the best album of their career; Lostprophets showcase their new ‘groundbreaking’ album with two extremely mediocre singles. It may not be the end of the world but it’s the end of my trust in Lostprophets to choose good singles (which was pushed to its limit by ‘Rooftops’ a few years ago already). Here’s hoping the album makes up for these because as one of the best British bands out there it’d be the shame for them to go the way of The Darkness.

3. The UCAS points system is ridiculous; everyone knows it, a couple of points can mean the difference between the degree you’ve always wanted and one that you were always trying to avoid ending up taking. While we’re on the subject of the education system why have a time limit on exams? Surely with the student’s phones being kept away there’s no chance of them receiving the answers via smoke signals; it doesn’t prove someone’s more clever because they can answer questions faster but maybe I’m biased on this because I can never finish Chemistry papers on time.

4. Lost is ending; and while I still have Heroes and Chuck to watch it’s not the same; especially as NBC tried to cancel Chuck last year and all of the US media’s talking about these days is when Heroes is going to be cancelled; personally I blame the TV critics for criticising the awesome volumes 2 and 3; steering them to change the style of the story to the awful volume 4 but regardless; Lost is going to leave a mark on television and as I’m buying all the box sets I won’t have to miss it too much although I’ll always want more.

5. Live and Unsigned weren’t very constructive when telling our band we didn’t get through; merely telling us to get a roast as we had our Sunday back. Whilst I appreciate their professional decision and lack of beating around the bush, it would have been very useful to learn what we’d done wrong and how to improve for next time. but it’s k I guess.

I would give a big fuck you but I’m afraid I couldn’t even look Malcolm McLaren in the eye so it’s not really my place.

Just peeves going round in my head at the moment; will have an actual fulfilling blog at some point I promise.


4 responses to “But I can see it from here…

  1. 1. Wasn’t that advert for a perfume. I don’t remember it being for DFS.

    2. Lostprophets are fucking shit.

    3. ???

    4. Heroes is gay, this is true because I’ve never watched it. American TV could be worse though, this could get commissioned. http://bit.ly/5jxnAC

    5. Is Malcolm McLaren the Live and Unsigned guy cos I have no idea? If he is he probably worded it that way because he’s a tosser.

    • 1. There’s a scantily clad woman for every product ^^

      3. Points from A levels and other post-16 education systems needed to get into uni; universities usually have a minimum points needed to get in.

      4. LMAO that actually sounds horrible 😛

      5. Yeah he is; he produced the sex pistols so I can’t complain 🙂


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