Make your music video accurate please…

…and then I won’t have to point out the obvious discrepancies making a fool of your ‘direction’ on the internet. Truly standards have dropped in this area of the music industry; what am I saying with ‘this part’ really, it makes it seem like I think some parts are actually improving; and the only part of it that is improving in any way, shape or form is that the internet is making it easier to share original music, but this is countered by the endless crap that is constantly shoved in our faces by the music industry giants who seem to believe it is that fabled time from your childhood ‘opposite day’ and so insist on releasing terrible music and making sure that it is on every radio station, music channel and pretty much every other music outlet available in a possible attempt to make people forget what good music is; making way for a heroes season one moment in which the music industry will be saved and everyone’s faith restored by the emergence of a leader, or in this case good song, to lift everyone’s spirits. Sadly however, this probably isn’t the case.

The fact that I’m not going to take even a second to talk about how bad the song is – which it is, speaks to the obvious ear problems of the general population of earth, but also to the ever decreasing standards in the music world. Almost impossible to break into if you make good music, unbelievably easy if your music resembles a fly defecating into a horse’s mouth; and while we’re on the subject may I present my point.

Now; apart from the obvious point of the video being horrendously bad, the director obviously is ignorant into how to turn up the volume of things, how sound is produced etc. which is not good if you’re directing a music video. At the cries of ‘turn it up’ from the increasingly tedious and uninteresting vocalist; a woman wearing no trousers but a coat (ain’t that a paradox) shifts her attention towards a small squier amplifier; unplugged, and certainly not capable of playing any music without anything in the input jack; which nothing is, and turns the amp down. Now I am making the assumption that the girl wasn’t meant to be doing the opposite of what he told her, or that the sound wasn’t meant to be coming out of there which it couldn’t possible but while I make an ass out of you and me I probably make much more of an ass out of the director of this video. Well done for still managing to be on every music channel all the time with such an obvious flaw in your ‘music video’.


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