Shameless plugging

Perhaps the best way to annoy everyone on the internet is to link to your own projects on every single website within walking distance; and as such I have vowed to annoy everyone in this way right now. My band Arcanite Reaper make original rock music much better than all the songs that I constantly criticise on this blog, although each to their own, and everything has flaws etc. Having recorded our soon to be released EP; the songs are available to listen to on facebook and myspace. Please become a fan of all that Justin Bieber isn’t.



Become a facebook fan, myspace friend and join in the frivolity; tell your friends and your A&R executives alike; just listen to these stunning reviews:

I’ve never heard of this band – KERRANG!

This band’s hair is too short – Metal Hammer

Their name was an axe on world of warcraft was it not? – Rock Sound

stop stop stop talking that blah blah blah – Ke$ha

I am a metaphysical entity and therefore cannot speak to review this band – God

I don’t like rock music – Smash Hits

Their breasts are too small – Zoo

How could any of those clarified reviewers ever be wrong, now do as I say


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