Whatever happened to recognising talent?

AKA whatever happened to the music industry; after recently watching the story of Anvil (which is a tearjerker if you’re one of the many people hoping to make it in the music industry like me, or according to Dave Grohl at the Oscars; an accomplished musician) the question was raised in my head (wherever else?) of why the music industry has a large tendency to ignore real talent in favour of sexualised, overproduced droppings from the golden, shiny cheeks of the most disrespectful people to ever put their lips to a microphone. This is the perfect segway for a vaginal lips comment but I’ve decided I’m not going to do that because I’m feeling really really lazy today and I simply can’t put out the brain power necessary to come up with wit enough to make the digression even close to worth typing. Having said that; this has been a rather long conjecture and at some point I may actually find my point. Throughout all these blogs there has been an underlying feeling of disappointment with the modern music scene; could put it all down to just being grumpy etc. but I do believe there is something at least slightly reasonable in my arguments; the artists I have referenced do not deserve their place on the musical success ladder when there are genuinely talented artists out there receiving little to no recognition for immense musical prowess because the music industry giants are more interested in exciting peoples’ libidos. I rest my case.


One response to “Whatever happened to recognising talent?

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