Also known as whoregarments and the lookatmyvaginaboys tights. Surely these fathers must be going insane seeing their daughters going out with no trousers and a cameltoe to boot; it is horrendous seeing these people walking around without so much as a stipple. Bearing in mind that they generally wear massive hoodies with JACK WILLS on the front their torsos are probably quite cosy if not extremely fagtastic, and their trademark ugg boots keeping their feet looking like they just stepped in some crusty cream cheese. Yes these are the three most retarded items of clothing available and they seem to be the ever popular thing with the ‘in-crowd’ AKA slagbags. What really makes me wonder is their seeming lack of realisation that it’s winter; grey skies all around, cold chills, no snow to make the cold at least a little interesting, no this is the British depression zone, where everyone in the country goes into a dull, aggravated gloom from the dawn of January to whenever the sun decides to finally show up, and if it doesn’t soon I’m afraid I’m going to have to just hibernate like the smart mammals do at this time of the year, to be awoken when everything is less depressing and you can actually enjoy being awake. God knows what they’ll be wearing in the summer. Oh wait; I remember now, and it’s not much, although the hoodies’ll probably still be there so our local chavs can pull very sweaty slags, good for them, as for me, I’m going to start fattening up for my long slumber; wake me up in may will you?


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