Watch our band in terrible quality!
Witness how much I need a haircut!
Comment on how you don’t like rock music!
Marvel at how it isn’t indie enough for you!
Snarl at how it isn’t heavy enough for you!
Laugh at my resemblance to an ugly Jack Black!
Gasp at my need of a shave!
Be enthralled at our lack of stage presence!
Realise Connor’s glasses are in fact non-prescription!
Be not surprised that we didn’t win this battle of the bands!

The song’s called Firefly for anyone who’s genuinely curious however ^^


3 responses to “youtube’d

  1. Screening now!
    *Snip, snip!*
    But you do rock
    and I’m indie-nial!
    Snarl heavier!
    Go Jack!
    The best a man can have!
    What a spectacle!
    You was robbed!
    And last but not least: I’m genuinely curious (as opposed to bi-curious) and FIREFLY ROCKS!


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