Dear British Television

Now, seemingly one of the great things about British television is that a series/serial’s survivability is not hand in hand with its nielsen ratings, and as such it should be much easier to get non-soap dramas onto TV in Britain, creating a huge and much adored outlet for creative and most importantly interesting stories. However, as most British people realise; there isn’t much besides Doctor Who in the realm of intriguing dramas; in fact it’s nothing compared to the amount of high pace American dramas that have aired in the last decade. Sure skins used to be E4’s pride and joy, but that lost 95% of its momentum the minute the new cast were introduced and it was revealed that they were mind-numbingly boring compared to the relatable and compelling protagonists of the previous two series. British comedy is generally of a high standard and that is to be applauded, however, when it comes to creating a range of emotions, all Britain can usually manage is a menagerie of impotent drones cheating on each other and occasionally kicking the bucket with little to no ramifications. And yes I am one of the many haters of the British soap drama; there are no stakes, no momentum, no interesting characters, no compelling plots/plot devices and just generally there is no drama. It’s about as easy to connect to the characters in Eastenders as it is to break into the Oval office holding a big sign pronouncing ‘death to the President’ and as such I was surprised to find that on

3 responses to “Dear British Television

  1. to be fair. most british shows are brilliant; life on mars, inbetweeners, peep show. it’s pretty much the fact that britain beleive in quality over quantity and jam pack each episode with brilliance.

    the american office isn’t funnier than the english office but it’s quirkier. mainly due to the fact that the american office has like 100 episodes and the original has like 12 and a christmas special


    • I’m referring to dramas, I agree that British comedies are generally brilliant, although I never understood the British office personally, and life on mars’ concept was original and inovative and probably one of the best choices in television, but that’s just one show out of legions of clones; and in the blog I’m referring to shows airing now, so life on mars doesn’t make it I’m afraid šŸ˜¦

      But I did acknowledge the comedies šŸ™‚

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