eyes to yourself

This may look just like an ordinary pushchair to you….

But you’d be wrong!

From paedofiles inc. comes….

The icandy pram!

Want your children looked at in a suggestive manner?

Ever fancied getting your child molested but without all that hassle from the law?

Or maybe even just wanted your child to grow up a looker…

The icandy is for you!

and yes this is a real pram, used by real parents, with real kids, what were this company’s overheads?

‘Oh I’ve got the perfect name for our baby carrying product!’

‘Yes, in today’s society this will be a perfectly acceptable name for a vessel made to contain babies, good work team!’

How about don’teventhinkaboutit? Or maybe just forbabies, for God’s sake something that doesn’t imply that your babies should be stared at in a sexual manner.



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