Shameless plugging time (again)

But this time it’s different –

If anyone is genuinely interested I have a column in a local music e-zine called Nottingham Live, may be a one off, but I enjoyed doing it and so will post it here as well; but please check out the website, they’ve done it up beautifully from the ugly internet monster it once was; there’s also a review (not of my hand) of my band – Arcanite Reaper there as well; also people in Nottingham will have probably noticed our name blurted out several times on trent FM radio. Well that’s because our drummer organised another massive charity gig that raised over a thousand pounds for macmillan cancer care; because of this we managed to get on the New Music Podcast twice; and a review of that gig is available to view at the Nottsunsigned website.

you can see my column here

I also understand that this blog always seems to be neglected after I squeeze out 5 posts in one week; but the reason for this is because my writing energies are largely going towards a book I am beginning to write; and if anybody actually wants to read a little bit I can post the prologue here; thank you.


2 responses to “Shameless plugging time (again)

  1. I’m with Kris; I’ll read it with relish, well, Branston, we’re out of relish. Actually, I think there’s some Piccalilli… :^)

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