Musical Instruments And Innuendo (explicit)

Why are musical instruments all so phallic?
I mean think about it, you’ve got:
The Guitar:
-shaped like a curvy woman
-waved around like a cock at gigs
-thrusted out of crotches at stage performances in a humping motion
– fingered
The Microphone:
-penis shaped
-put in peoples’ mouths in a way that it’s basically being shown a good time
-swung around teasily (meatspin?)
-licked by bands such as kiss in a very suggestive manner
-played by wanking it off
-blow so hard your cheeks hurt
I could go on but I refuse, because someday I’ll end up at drums and there’s nothing phallic about whacking some tight skin with your big hard stick. Oh shi-


3 responses to “Musical Instruments And Innuendo (explicit)

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