Connexion to unemployment

Today I would like to take a moment to complain about a service that’s supposed to help various 16-19 year olds to find jobs in the United Kingdom. Of course, every teenager has heard of connexions, how can you not, when it gets shoved in your face every day at secondary school. However back then we got away with it; saw the advisor, told them we’d go to university and they’d tell us there was nothing more they could do for us. However, now, in between gap years and people dropping out of education the whole thing is now viewed as a useful revenue for jobseeking, however, it is less than useless. Having visited the venue in Nottingham; I can assure people you will immediately be treated with confusion, one advisor present halfway across the room; no clear information desk, just some desks vaguely occupied, assuming that was where I was meant to go I made my way across the room. Now one of the main things you notice is the amount of chav life around the building; it’s almost impossible to get inside due to the inevitable chavs blocking the door, but once you decide that you’d rather ask them to move than wait for them to do it themselves, inside the room is littered with chavs leaning against the majority of the walls, furniture and surfaces; that receive messages such as; we had to change your advisor and the KFC job is now closed. Ignoring all these things however, upon asking for help finding a job, I was basically told ten seconds of CV advice and then ushered to a computer to view templates of CVs telling me how to write one; checking it against my own CV I saw everything was already accounted for except for what the woman had said and nothing on the templates at all. Helping people find jobs this is not; maybe they should reconsider how they go about ‘aiding people’.


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