Public Relief

Let’s think about this for a second. Why is it that when in a foreign country (and I haven’t been to every single one so the vagueness of the term is relevant); do you have to pay to use the toilet? Surely the right to relieve your bladder is not a privilege but a necessity. Nobody chose to have this curse of a waste disposal system, so why is it that you would have to pay to do something that you could do wherever you like and still have to pay for? If you’re on holiday, you’re expecting your money expenditure to be a little higher than usual; so how about instead of paying 50 cents to relieve yourself in the public toilets, which are the only places you are technically allowed to do so without purchasing product, therefore paying anyway; why not piss on a monument or even better, just go when you feel like it; either way you’ll be paying, perhaps a lot more outside a public restroom but you’re on holiday and 50 euro for a piss is basically what you’re going for if you’re buying drinks in a fancy restaurant anyway for all the money’s worth you’re getting. While I’m on the subject, why is it that people complain when using their toilet facilities; public toilets are always far away from you when you need them, why is it that I should be told to buy a meal to use a toilet that I’m only going to because I’ll miss the bus if I go to the nearest public one? I find it quite unusual that the law has trapped us in this state of holding it in when horses and dogs can go around and do it wherever they want and somebody else picks their faeces up for them? Why can’t we have them? Surely that would make a degrading and undignified job enough for criminals instead of the rather lax attitude community service offers? Maybe I should write to the house of commons about this; but considering it’s full of tories for the considerable future I might have a few more bad things to say before I get to my point, and therefore will have little chance of any development on my idea.


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