Lost Writings

The following is the prologue to a story I began to write before I realised the plot was too similar to a large inspiration of mine and the plot became redundant to the point where if I start work on it again, the story will need an entire new premise, although I myself enjoy the characters I created, none of which are reflected upon in this piece unfortunately.


The vast ocean glittered bright gold sparks as the setting sun projected an aqua blue aura about its calm waters. She let her many tears run down her dirty cheeks as she placed her prize; a single red rose, into the white sands beneath her feet. The smallest remnants of waves began to wash it into its inevitable resting place in the depths, and threads of her blonde hair flew into her face as the continuous breeze reminded her that it was all over. A gull let out its signature cry above her and for a moment her drooping eyes began to dry; she wiped them with her forearm; turned from the beautiful sunset and began her last journey, a lighthouse glowing with a comforting yellow from its red and white striped tower, looking more like a helter skelter than any lighthouse she had ever seen prior to this circumstance. As she made her way to the grassy lawn beyond the reaches of the beach she sat at a lone park bench and lit her cigarette; as she exhaled she drew her pistol. They would be out soon. Her once white blouse was now brown from soil and blood, a reminder of why she must be watching the lighthouse door as well as the vast forest behind her. She pulled the trigger as the first one attempted to end her life as easily as she had ended his; his grip on her neck only loosening when the majority of its blood had joined the mess on her blouse; at the sound hundreds began to emerge from the lighthouse and the forest alike; and heart too broken to fear she merely backed towards the sea; taking down as many as she could on the way, she was not sure whether she was ready to die, but as she took in her surroundings she came to terms with the fact of her lack of choice in the matter, and as to be spared the horror of their wicked intentions, she took her own life.


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