Intentional Delays

I was planning on picking out something from the BBC news to talk about today but I’ve looked on the news homepage and there’s little that I can add to politicians apologising, shopkeeper murdering, torturing and foraging for fruit. The reason I was going to do this was because recently I’ve been trying to delay this little idea I have about reflecting on the nostalgia of stories come and gone, looking at the first drafts and seeing how the overarching mythology, the message and the themes are reflected in the early stages of a legendary tale, to be entitled ‘With What We Know Now’ or WWWKN because the name of the story will probably come after that in a category if I intend to go on and do a whole TV show etc. which I find rather unlikely. Nevertheless it would be an interesting series of projects to do, hail nostalgia, let me know of any ideas you have that could fit into this category and I would be happy to take them into consideration.


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