New Songs

A wise man once told me to go back over your previous idea before settling for your new one, the human brain decides anything new is better almost instantaneously in the vein of musical effects or your own material. As a songwriter I experience this phenomenon often, in fact every time I write a song it quite often presents itself to me as the best one yet, unless of course its a pile of stinking turd, in which case I don’t care for it much understandably. What I think I need is a second head, one that tells me with an outside perspective what’s good and what’s bad, in fact I think that would make humanity a much more humble and modest place, of course arrogance will still live, some people, the Tom Cruises of the world will no doubt smother their second head with a pillow and carry on putting themselves on a pedestal but I think my point still stands, mainly because Scientologists should not be included in anything that generally refers to sane people, and the mentally challenged, because they are far beyond that. That however, is a story for another day, and best left to the people who tell it best.


One response to “New Songs

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