big issues (no homo)

excuse the title, been participating in a big case of the giggles for a while now.

Here’s the concern; on Christmas day I identified myself as an agnostic; having referred to myself as a Catholic for most of my life, it is strange to try and transition in such a period of time to a system that matches by beliefs and deductions; however, I do feel myself heading more and more in the direction of a lack of supernatural belief as a whole, religion being just a sect of that umbrella.

As you head out of the gullibility phase of your life; the search for the truth in this world becomes ever more important, an as the need to question everything grows, so does my scepticism in the ideals of religion and pseudoscience. Neither of these are necessarily bad things, however, as somebody who has grown up with a rock to hold onto, albeit one that has always seemed like more of a Santa Claus figure than anything based on reality and/or observation; it seems a little off to admit to what my mind believes to be the case. I do wonder if other ex-christians, muslims, jews etc. feel the same way about this kind of revelation.

The thing is you can only convince yourself of belief or lack thereof with your own beliefs; and many atheists who I have come across have as unreasonable arguments as the extreme Christians or Muslims, and as such I will always end up defending them, no matter whether I consider their opinions as superstitious or a product of their development; in the end I seem to be too empathetic to not defend those at the butt of an argument. What I suppose I’m saying is that I’d find it a lot easier to admit to myself that I am a non-believer if people would stop pissing on the atheistic and agnostic view in their pathetic youtube comments; ‘that sounds a little theistic, you’re a twat’ or ‘theism is evil’; please, those arguments are ridiculous, and I am very aware of how many people agree with them.

Yes, I know, Christopher Hitchens is a very strong supporter of the anti-theistic view; but even the smartest of us can be wrong. I would recommend to anyone that takes any of these views word for word to think for themselves. What do you think? Religion is not wrong; it may not make sense to a lot of us, but that doesn’t make it immoral, if it were gone people would be fighting over other things, there would be other corrupt organisations etc. Not that this makes belief in such a thing right, but I think that what is being portayed is a very black and white view of the world. I hope someone finds this interesting, and perhaps I could find an answer to the question of why I find it easy to admit to everyone but my own self that I am by nature a doubter.

I will end this with a facebook comment I made recently, not because it’s a good example of anything, but just because I think it highlights some of the assumptions etc. that are made in this fashion; although this is mainly concerning creationism which (in my opinion and knowledge) is a rare and extreme form of the Christian faith.

It may not work out of context but we’ll see I guess, when I sober up I’ll probably work out that the word glue didn’t exactly fit smoothly here.

“you can’t say that people who believe in God aren’t the brightest bunch, I think that’d be classed as an Ad Hominem attack, ie. you’re stupid because you think this, not a valid argument; and multiverse theory will never make any difference to creationists etc. because they don’t pay any attention to science, they twist the bits they like to make it seem like they’re right; there’s no scientific evidence for the earth being 6000 years old, but because that’s what they derived from the Bible they’re constantly going to move the goalposts so no matter what you prove it’s still not enough; hence why when an evolutionary transitional species is find they always point out that there are two more gaps before and after the species existed, which is just a silly thing to say.

There are plenty of people who believe in God however who are smart enough to realise this, a lot of the time they will be using the God of the gaps logical fallacy to convince themselves but it doesn’t mean they’re any less intelligent, in fact you can see within a few moments on the internet that there are many non-believers who are just as ignorant as the fundamentalist Christians of the American Bible belt.

The multiverse theory also is not the theory that life would eventually develop because of the many universes; that’s just an extrapolation of the information that Stephen Hawking uses to explain why he doesn’t think God is necessary for the universe to exist; what it does say, is that there are possibly many universes, all existing within a plane of a multiverse, possibly as membranes etc.

Would not automatically be a scientific theory against God because there’s no way to prove with the criteria set for the existence of God, that such a being could not exist; because by definition, we’d never be able to detect it, the fact that there are theories that go over the heads of fundamentalist doesn’t mean that they are not compatible with religion; but merely that it is not necessary for the process; science and religion are not mutually exclusive but with the rise of atheism and agnosticism around the world you might begin to think that the rise of science is linked to a rise in non-belief.

In fact, many more superstitions are rising from the ashes of drops in Christianity; increased paganism and druidism for one; there is a large chunk of the population that believes in ghosts and crop circles and psi, and many people who believe that medicines with no scientific evidence can cure them; so supernatural belief is far from dwindling, and such a large percentage of the population being idiots is a rather pessimistic view of the world, and this is coming from a glass half empty kind of guy.

Although if you want to see the best parody of religious belief: Futurama – Beast With A Billion Backs; nuff said ^^”


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