A plea for the interwebs

Having just finished the first draft (besides the epilogue which still needs some work) I have put to bed the storytelling for ‘Fixed In Stone’ the first of what will hopefully be many books for myself. The problem here being however; the process of editing; how long should I spend on making changes, checking spelling mistakes and incorrect usage of words? The major question to be honest is whether it would be a good idea to go through it all myself or leave that job to someone who isn’t biased as to certain elements of the narrative and how tightly knitted I might be to my vague usage of certain terms and references.

So to you, the internet, I ask a question…

Would you be willing to look through the book and help me out?

Are you trustworthy and not a thief?

Do you have a good handle of spelling, punctuation, grammar and have the brain of both a dictionary and a thesaurus?

Would you consider yourself to only be a little bit of a prick?

At least enough to criticise without shooting me down ^^

Although if I do end up doing it myself these questions will all be completely redundant; this is an important post… in a way…


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