FUCK YOU: www.naturalnews.com

Now isn’t that a face you’d love to punch?

Wake up and smell the bullshit; the lies are here and they’ve got the masses backing them up!

That’s right because under the guise of skepticism the good people at http://www.naturalnews.com have taken it upon themselves to spread new age lies and other medical misinformation around the internet, posing as a site worth some sort of credibility, and claiming to be non-profit yet not by US terms. I wonder how they managed that…

Regardless I found many pages on this website that got my goat, so I’m going to begin with a little look at their lies about vaccination, just a few of the points that the website’s poster boy and resident idiot Mike Adams makes read as follows:

– Vaccines are sold to people who don’t need them

Right away we have ourselves a medical nightmare; vaccines are targeted at people who are at risk to them and at a larger scale, the general public. The whole human population needs vaccines to keep up herd immunity, the process that wiped out smallpox and would have wiped out polio by now too if the anti-vaccination proponents weren’t spreading their unsupported pseudoscience into the heads of people who take their opinions as fact without a fact check. Vaccines are given to save lives, and if people appear not to need them, well, you would be surprised at how many people have been saved by the process.

For my next point I’m going to have to repeat the whole paragraph, because the rubbish they are coming out with is just unbelievable, and the fact that they are presenting this as truth honestly makes me feel a little sick inside. When I was growing up, I was taught in my science lessons no less that there was a genuine controversy about MMR and autism; never was it made clear that this was in fact fraudulent information, and as a child I would not have thought to look into it at all, and yet know even Andrew Wakefield himself has come out admitting that his claims were fraudulent; yet this website continues to praise him, and even still, pretend that he is still a doctor and didn’t have his title stripped from him for the ridiculousness of his work.

‘The decision comes from the North West Strategic Health Authority (SHA), which reversed its decision to “vaccinate all children” announced two weeks ago. That original decision to vaccinate all children was derived from vaccine-propaganda “research” published in The Lancet — the same medical journal that pushes an aggressive vaccine agenda while simultaneously pursuing a modern-day witch hunt against Dr Andrew Wakefield, the researcher who demonstrated a correlation between vaccines and autism.’

– first of all VACCINE PROPAGANDA? Holy smokes, I thought people were smarter than this, seriously, vaccines are not a conspiracy, nobody is making money from backing up the numerous lines of research concluding that vaccination works. Quite the opposite in fact, the people promoting the real propaganda are the ones in the line for rolling in the dough, and research in quotation marks? It really does make you wonder if they even bothered to check the validity of Wakefield (not a doctor)’s story.

– again, they make a ridiculous and unjust claim that pro-vaccination movements are on a witch hunt against Andrew Wakefield. Let’s look at this with reasonable eyes shall we? Not only was Andrew Wakefield known to be wrong many years ago, but just recently it was absolutely confirmed; this turns the controversy from a witch hunt into justice, not that it was anything similar to witch hunts in the first place; those were governed by superstitions, while this is governed by research, science and the safety of the established world.

‘Many parents, who have been indoctrinated by the UK press into believing the quack science behind seasonal flu vaccines, are now freaking out and wondering how they’re going to “protect” their children from the flu. The thought of feeding their children good nutrition, vitamin D supplements and organic fresh food never occurred to them, apparently. In an age where medicinal food is outlawed while interventionist vaccines are pushed as “medicine,” a surprisingly large number of adults remain utterly ignorant of how to protect the health of their children without turning to pharmaceuticals.’

– First let me get something to help me calm down after reading such utter crap. Okay I’m ready. Seasonal flu vaccines are not quack science, in fact, as a theme running through this website, they are the exact opposite; the vaccines are around to protect the general population and most of all, those vulnerable to these types of diseases due to age, pre-existing conditions etc. they come around every year because the virus’ antigens mutate at such rapid rates that year by year, our bodies do not recognise them as the same and will not respond as quickly with the immune system as they would had they encountered them before, thus increasing the chance of harm come the infections which do indeed arrive, and are in fact suppressed by these seasonal vaccines.

– Now onto another pile of steaming horse manure; good nutrition, vitamin D supplements and organic food have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE IMMUNE SYSTEM; something Mike Adams doesn’t seem to have any problem with denying whatsoever. Good nutrition is obviously good for you, but it will not help you with an infection, your immune system works with immune responses, viruses don’t turn their nose up at you because you ate a shitload of apples and stayed off the bacon; you’re still a viable host.

Vitamin D supplements, and other supplements for that matter show no clear scientific benefit for anyone without a deficiency in said vitamin, and in fact, taking copious amounts of vitamin D is not a good thing at all, although that’s nothing to do with vaccines so I digress, needless to say it’s a load of balls.

Now organic food is not something that can be covered in just one sentence, in fact I’d recommend you go and watch Penn and Teller’s Bullshit! Find the organic food episode, which covers the issue in depth and humour. The skinny however, is that there are no real benefits to organic farming; if anything it’s unsustainable, and it certainly will have no effect on your immune system, it’s nutritional value is no different from regular food.

The last instalment of crap in that paragraph is in the form of out and out lies. Food is not medicinal, if it were, then it would be called medicine? See the parallels? You know, in the fucking name? Vaccines are being pushed as ‘medicine’? Please, have they even heard of smallpox? And calling adults ignorant for turning to pharmaceuticals instead of unproven quackery? WHAT? The whole thing is a huge steaming pile of faeces; in fact there’s a great line from Tim Minchin’s ‘Storm’ that really puts this little point into perspective. “Do you know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proven to work? Medicine.” And that really is the bottom line there, despite its humorous tone.

Look forward to part two of this coming soon, I’m nowhere near done tearing this to shreds.


7 responses to “FUCK YOU: www.naturalnews.com

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  3. This would have to be the worst article I’ve ever read,
    It’s like a 12 year old kid got real spiteful to things his whittle brain didn’t want to believe and threw a tantrum, looking for anything to make small ridicule about on a website, anyone can pick out stupid insignificant pieces of an article and restructure it in a way to discredit their point, we leave that work to the main stream news where it’s most prevalent,
    But this is jist a perfect example of like someone jo may have been told, “wrote up whatever bad you can about that natural news site” and this author has just gone and assessed a page on the site in the most bias view point towards big corporations cancer foundations, and just gone for it,
    I could use these same tactics and wrote up a even more detailed article debunking this article,
    It’s a information war,

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