FUCK YOU: naturalnews.com – continued

Yes that muscular vegan above you is the glorious douchebag from my last blog, who’d have known, well if you had gone onto his website and discovered that he claims 95% of chronic diseases are caused by bad nutrition, food toxins and lack of exercise you might have just conjured up that image in your head, I however, picture him more like this…

So since yesterday’s pounce on the atrocity that is http://www.naturalnews.com I took the time to try and make sure that something so incredibly misinformed was not in fact a parody; what I found instead, was a disclaimer hidden at the bottom of the webpage, declaring that everything on the website was opinion and not intended as professional advice of any kind. And that would be fine were it not for the fact that it is in fact giving out opinions under the guise of professional advice. What the blurb seemed to be to be akin to was a legal get-out clause; they cannot be held responsible therefore, for people not being cured by the bogus cancer cures etc. plastered all over the website. The fact that the comments on his many articles thank him for dishing out ‘the truth’ really does push that point, and you do wonder whether they even bothered to check that little disclaimer I mentioned previously. The whole thing is an atrocity, and the proponents of these medical misunderstandings are lapping this up like magic chocolate milk, although I suppose the more appropriate expression would be kool aid; although given that neither of those products profess to be organic I don’t suppose they’d admit to either of them.

Now, before I get back onto the prior article, which I fully intend to do; let me show you an interview Mike Adams, the ‘natural ranger’ did with http://www.infowars.com; a website that seems to be taking his word as gospel. In the video he reports that vaccines are weakening the immune system; and that just isn’t the case, the entire point of vaccines is to improve the immune system and there is no question that they do so; years and years of research and experience, the salvation of many many lives is a testament to the reality that vaccines prepare the immune system for a repeat infection; the reason seasonal flu vaccines are given, as I mentioned in the last blog post, is due to the frequency of mutations in these virus molecules; the speed of these changes is as such that by the time the next year rolls around, the antigens of the viruses can look completely different. I don’t know if Mike Adams has ever made an attempt to understand how vaccines work but if he did he obviously didn’t understand it, which really begs the question of how he could come to such a conclusion, even after all the studies, all the lives saved; and the facts of the process laid out in front of him on a plate; I suppose that as a vegan he’d have to seriously consider how ethical it would be to eat a steak full of truth but that’s besides the point; the man is clearly misunderstanding or misleading; and I really do hope that the former is correct, because I’d much rather he was not the sharpest knife in the drawer than a false prophet.

The man also claims to have ‘read the science’ which clearly he hasn’t, coming to the conclusion that vaccines are 1% effective even by the drug companies’ standards, how could he be so horrifically wrong and what could his possible motive be? I really don’t understand, but the real truth is he shouldn’t be allowed to spread these kind of lies across a mass information outlet such as the internet, and get away with it, because this really is injustice. I would recommend any of his followers rattling on about how they’ve only had a couple of vaccines or none at all and they’re still alive to look up herd immunity and get it into their heads that they are still protected by the development and administration of this frankly, miraculous treatment.

Even the interviewer, Alex Jones, displays a complete ignorance, claiming that the vast majority of scientific papers show that vaccines suppress the immune system. Does he understand how vaccines work? Because if he did, he’d know that the immune system is involved in attacking weakened or dead versions of the virus that are easily destroyed, and thus helping the body to remember the antibodies they will need to use in future in an attack of the active virus through B Lymphocytes, used for memory purposes in the immune system. If this use of the immune system counts as weakening then I’d better go and look weakening up in the dictionary because I really can’t see any resemblance to my understanding of the word.

Mike Adams then goes on to claim that vaccines cause an inflammatory response; which oddly for him is correct; but this isn’t a bad thing, this is exactly how the protection from vaccines administers itself. Perhaps Mr. Adams should do some basic A level biology, because he would learn all about how this system works, and maybe after that he’ll change his mind about all the bollocks he’s coming out with and spreading into the minds of normal but gullible individuals.

Anyway, enough about the video, you can probably work out from that that it’s all lies, alternatively you could watch it yourself and come to the same conclusion, and then do what I did and wonder how that garbage gets thrown around as if it was news.

More on his ridiculous website soon, I can assure you.

In the meantime I have a lovely video for Mr. Adams, showing a basic immune response, in hopes that he will be enlightened with real science rather than his own ridiculous claims.


6 responses to “FUCK YOU: naturalnews.com – continued

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  2. I was just reading an article on that website.. and wow!
    I cannot believe how much complete garbage they spurt out.. and a big problem is they have great SEO on Google..
    I really don’t like organizations that spread lies and warp information as they do. Good on you for writing this article clearly discrediting their shit. THANK YOU!

  3. Sorry I must have a trojan or something on my computer.. I’m trying to write my name which is Dom but it shows ps3gamereviewsblog….. gravatar… <–DO NOT GO TO THAT WEBSITE.POSSIBLE VIRUS–

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