FUCK YOU naturalnews.com III

Now do me a favour, anyone who reads this and thumbs down that video because it, yet again, is a load of crap from senior douchebag himself; Mike ‘the health ranger’ Adams. Now I had no idea this guy was releasing a rap album, I think I’ll stick to snoop dogg, public enemy, NWA; you know, good rap, and not about anti vaccination issues.

Now the more I read in to these guys the more angry I get about their whole ‘we know the truth’ ‘big pharma conspiracy’ nonsense they keep spouting. In this video Mike Adams claims that vaccines not only do not work, which I think I’ve covered to death in my last two blogs, but that the whole scheme is a plot to give pharmaceutical companies money. Well, it’s expensive to deal out this kind of medicine, especially on short term such as with seasonal flu shots, people defending this case have no money to be made, and yet anti vaxxers do. Look at Jenny MacCarthy for instance, selling books about pure idiocy, and then showcasing it on Oprah as if it were fact; not only that, but she’s made it almost impossible for me to watch The Mask since she got Jim Carrey involved; the guy’s a good actor, don’t ruin him for me now.

Mike Adams is no different; his website claims to be non-profit, but not under US requirements. What does this mean? Well he’s selling a bag of ‘organic seeds’ for $55 for one; which is ridiculous, and that’s just one item in his shop, the whole thing’s a scam, even the sponsors for his website are quack cures for desperate diagnoses, buying into the gullible and the scared by giving them an easy way out; and yet, if these things really were miracle cures, then they would be medicine, and not overpriced ‘cures they don’t want you to know about’ shoved into the bowels of the internet.

In the video, Mr. Adams also claims that anti-vaxxers will get arrested for making their views known. Is Jenny MacCarthy in jail? How about Jim Carrey? Oprah Winfrey? Even Mike Adams himself, is free enough to be writing an article every day, flashing his abs on his personal website and making a terrible rap record. Which by the way, costs a lot of money for a decent recording, he’s obviously not doing too badly for himself. Dare I call him a hypocrite? Yes. Yes I do. He’s a hypocrite.

In my last blog post, I featured an interview with ‘The Health Ranger’ conducted by one Mr. Alex Jones; a quick internet search brings to my attention immediately his weakness for conspiracy theories, most notable the 9/11 conspiracies still boiling the blood of many Americans. He expresses however, in the video, that he is a believer in the big pharma conspiracy; the theory suggests that pharmaceutical companies know the cures for many diseases (AKA Mike Adams’ bullshit organic products and his sponsors), but have decided to make people sick so they can get rich selling real medicine to them. Now the whole thing is a grand delusion in itself, but people actually believe this. In fact, I attempted to make a comment on the above youtube video, advising that a confused viewer look up herd immunity, however, the comments are moderated, and as such, only those supporting Mr. Adams’ campaign make it through. I was also appalled to see how many subscribers the guy’s channel has; how many people can ignore the evidence without a second thought? The concept completely baffles me.

To sum this up, the whole website is woven with lies, and its affiliates are the gullible and the manipulative, those looking for an easy buck by poking the blame at the people who are truly the ones saving lives, and there’s no other word for that than despicable.

I think I’m done with Mike Adams for now, any more scanning of his website and I might just need to strangle myself; I hope that I got the message across, and that people will think twice before taking all this idiocy as fact.


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