FUCK YOU – schooling the anti-vax crowd

Just in case you were in any doubt, or in case Mike Adams and his merry band of gullible drones were in doubt; here’s a little lesson for you all as to why the anti-vaxxers are wrong. Just a few simple videos should suffice. More soon; however today I fear there is little time for an in depth rant, and so it’s time to close the lid on this discussion.

Also if you’re genuinely interested, I would point you towards several internet blogs that I find very useful, and are also linked to on the first video’s comments.



This next video shows a typical immune response to an invasive pathogen (the smaller, lumpy object)

Any further questions? There shouldn’t be.

If you have any recommendations about where I should target next, feel free to leave a comment, if not, I shall scour the internet for more purveyors of falsehood and fearmongering.


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