FUCK YOU! Dying of cancer? Gregg Braden says ‘try harder dammit!’

When searching for people who do more harm than good, I have to admit I did take a little inspiration from Mike Adam’s awful website; despite trying to make a break from his ridiculous website, one of his sponsors did catch my attention, one claiming cancer cures for less than six dollars. Returning to http://www.naturalnews.com I failed to find this atrocity. What I eventually found however, was one mister Gregg Braden; a man who believes we can cure cancer using electromagnetic radiation emitted from our own bodies, by using our minds to cure ourselves of this terrible disease.

Below is a youtube video in which Gregg Braden presents his claims and apparently shows cancer being cured in under three minutes. Smell like bullshit? That’s probably because this guy talks such nonsense he’s staring right up a bovine rectum. In the video description is this little titbit of misinformation:

‘Cancer can only manifest if we forget the true nature of who we really are. That is if we don’t live our lives the way that is best for us, that is true to us and if we keep doing that for too long. It’s not our fault it’s come to this. We have been deceived and deluded from the truth about who we really are. We just have to remember! We are doing that right now all over the planet. ‘

So… is everyone with cancer living their lives wrong? Try telling that to a terminal patient and you’ll get a smack in the face Mr. Braden.

Now I was very impressed that searching for cheap cancer cures, there is dismissal before the quackery on google; however, this arsehole came pretty high up there. Here’s the promised video.

Notice that he approves of a medicine-less hospital. A building that would not serve any kind of good purpose; in fact, the reason why China creates these sorts of places, is for its citizens that cannot afford western medicine, the rich chinese in fact, use the same treatments as Europe, America etc. Also, nobody would get better. He’s already obviously an idiot, but I will go on nonetheless, strike one.

Ancient wisdom is applied; now, Gregg must be making a mistake here surely? Does he not know to the extent medicine through time has changed and improved, in ancient times, by the time people reached middle age, they were getting seriously sick if not dying. Now he calls these techniques science, however, were they science, and were they cancer cures, there is no question that the western healthcare systems would know about this. Whoever discovers (if ever) the cure for cancer is going to be world famous, rich and considered a hero on every level; who wouldn’t want to take the credit?

Also Mr. Braden seems to think he’s in the matrix; the concept of imagining somebody is already better actually healing someone? The fact that he could even consider this to be true makes me wonder whether I could ask him to jump off a bridge and believe it won’t hurt.

Watch the cancer disappear in the presence of the language that heals….

Where’s the proof? Where’s the scientific paper? Where’s the peer review? The video proves nothing except that interpretation is everything… and while searching for some kind of banter about this on the internet, I happened upon your run of the mill big pharma conspiracy theorists trying to explain why this would be covered up:

‘This information has been around for thousands of years in the traditional eastern cultures. Like he said in the video, the western world chooses to ignore the fact that you can naturally heal people. If you can just heal people, that means no money. If all the doctors of the west mastered this skill, all the big pharm Corps would disappear. The govt would lose a lot of control…all of a sudden we won’t need their help in a lot of situations. You gotta think deeper about this stuff. Nothing is simple. But from reading your posts, you know that already’

Now if you could just heal people, I’m pretty sure they’d get a lot more money than they are getting now? Surely miracle cures would fetch a high price? The government would have total control if they wanted with this, but they wouldn’t, because the combined paranoia of these people does not equate to reality. And the quote that nothing is simple? A little hypocritical seeing as they just bought into cancer being cured by positive emotions? Isn’t that a lot more simple than how cancer really works?

Cancer is one of the most deadly entities in our society today; and people claiming they can cure it is not a joke; there will be people buying into this, trying this ridiculous unproven, unscientific approach, going off their regular treatments, and possibly shaving ten or twenty years off of their life expectancy. What people don’t seem to realise is that we can repress certain cancers, we can help people live for a long time with even this most infamous of diseases. Why would you want to throw all that progress away because a few nutjobs are claiming themselves above the evidence?

Gregg Braden himself has his own website similar to Mike Adams, in that they both attempt to look scientifically credible despite their awful acts and claims. http://www.greggbraden.com/

On the homepage his reference to quantum states seems to hint that he’s another quack confusing quantum mechanics with the macro world; now if we were photons, this might be a credible conclusion, however, we are not, we are much, muuuuuuuuuch bigger.

And if you are still at a loss to why this is harmful? I have pasted a print screen of the comments from the aforementioned video below; let’s see how many people buy into this, how many of these will get cancer? How many of these will reject mainstream science and attempt to cure themselves with this crap?


46 responses to “FUCK YOU! Dying of cancer? Gregg Braden says ‘try harder dammit!’

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  2. Thanks for posting this. Yours was pretty much the only site I could find that debunks this man’s scary nonsense, and that is dangerous in itself.

    I just send this rather emotional e-mail to the man:

    Dear Gregg,

    I hope that you die from cancer, very painfully. Now I don’t usually wish such things upon people, I try to see the good in everyone. But your charlatanism is of the morally lowest level. To tell gullible people that the “technology of emotion”, i.e. psychobabble and bullshit, can cure cancer is very harmful — worse still, these poor halfwits are paying you to do so. You have allowed yourself to become a hollow shell of an egocentric man for the sake of financial gain. Worse still, you are, in effect, a murderer.

    May you die a horrible death, as you have probably caused many others to do. I know, of course, that there’s no justice in this world, but in this case I can only hope.


    • You’re sick.
      “May you die a horrible death”???
      You’re a very sick, poor person.

      There have been better things achieved than cancer healing – believe me. I’ve seen and done things you would never believe. In fact you might even wish me a “horrible death”.
      Enjoy your small, sad, unjust world.

      • The only thing worse than a cancer quack who preys on desperate cancer patients, by giving them false hope of a cure, is a cancer quack that blames the cancer patient for not trying hard enough or not following their instructions when the quack treatment fails.

    • Good for you James. This man is despicable. Beyond contempt. Unfortunately there are so many who buy into his bull shit. I’m sure he’s gotten quite wealthy from peddling his pseudoscience and new age crap. I’ve spoken out against him in the comments section of several of his YouTube videos and been attacked viciously by his believers.


      • You’re a moron!! This man is NOT talking bullshit!! He’s not only proved but he’s telling others how it’s done so how fucking dare you say shit like that!! Try researching more into the actual universe than sitting talking utter garbage!! The very reason there are cancer patients still out there is because of idiots like yourself who aren’t interested in even trying this out so the cancer patient stays with the cancer… not fucking rocket science dude!!!

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  4. yeah, i saw a post on facebook and checked it out, crazy to think that people are just going to believe it. Not to mention the allegations against china for their rapid manufacturing of fake drugs. And if anyone wants to attack the pharma companies, they better look at how china makes fake ingredients for the parma companies, infact there are alligaitions against chinese companies that make chemical reactions so the ingredient appears to be what they need to make the drug, fooling the western buyers that it is a real drug. China is known for faking medicines. i wounder if these people follow global economic relations.

  5. i have to comment on this, i was amazed at how many people believe this fruitcake, and after posting a few comments on how i think i=this guy is a sham, i got dogs abuse! this guy knows absolutely nothing about physics but in his seminars gives WRONG facts abouts quantum physics…. i would say its laughable but it seems so many beleive his shit, so it worries me for the future of the human race if people like Greg Braden get to spout their shit (and charge 350 dollars a seminar)…

  6. 🙂 There is a cure for cancer.. Actually there are a few. One is Hemp Oil. Dichloroacetate is another possible one but i have read opposing articles about it, naturally. But the middle ages were riddled with disease because religious authority rigorously denied scientific advancement. Indeed the dark ages could of been avoided altogether if science was embraced fully and people weren’t hanged for saying the sun was the center of the solar system.. Many indigenous people lived for thousands of years without cancer and many diseases until ‘civilization’ came along and gave them cigarettes and started destroying their homes. throwing their spiritual connection to nature out of wack. And to say that big pharm would actually sell us a cure? To ordinary people? Ha! There is a govt patent for curing aids but you don’t see them coming out and telling us, or even applying it.. They make way more money by making people slaves to their medications for the rest of their lives than they would with a one time big money cure. Big Pharma is a business. They run it like one, much like any other business. It’s about profit and dependence. I personally don’t believe that this guy can cure cancer in 3 minutes but i certainly don’t trust that chemo (recommended by 98% of doctors with a 2% success rate. And if you ask a doctor if they would ever treat their own or a family member’s cancer with chemo they would and do say NO!)

    • I’m sorry you feel that way but cancer is actually a category of diseases that often have different preventative measures. The disease actually goes back a lot farther than you would think unfortunately, and chemotherapy is about the best we can do. In terms of a cure, I’d be very skeptical about that, not only would a ‘cure’ more likely only work against one form of cancer (eg, hpv vaccinations) but rather than making people their slaves, a company that cured cancer would more easily crush their business competitors and completely take over the market. In my eyes, they would have a very good reason to tell the world what they had accomplished.

      • Well yeah it has many preventative measures but our food system in the 21st century does not promote things that actually prevent it. Tons of chemicals in ordinary foods that are advertised constantly. It’s all about the quick fix, fast food, frozen dinners, box dinners, etc. Not to mention all the vaccines and hormones they give animals on mass production/murder farms that stays in their system and then gets into ours. They build up and up until eventually cancerous growths occur. But i mean think about this, the logging companies systematically destroy millions of acres of forests driving indigenous people out of their homes and throwing the global cooling systems off balance but they blame ‘global warming on average people’s farts and daily commutes. Not saying that humans, aside from the logging companies, aren’t partially to blame, but you never hear anyone say we should stop logging and replant the forests to restore the balance that earth has had for billions of years before we industrialized. Not to mention the other lies told to our faces by governments and corporations. But yes, hemp oil and cannabis have been proven to cure, fight, prevent cancerous growth but since it’s ‘illegal’ it’s not made public. Chemo actually can cause more cancer to grow even if it does kill the main target and doctors are told to push it on people as the only viable option. But there are plenty of natural ways to slowly rid your body of cancer without dangerous chemicals and radiation. Tumeric, ginger, blueberries just to name a few have shown they can kill cancerous cells and/or prevent them altogether. But one major factor, especially in this day-of-age, is stress. Stress causes our bodies to become weak and vulnerable. The foods we eat, the medicines we take, the things we drink, can put major stress on our organs and their functions and definitely causes many many health issues. This is known. Meditation and positive thoughts, actions, and feelings reduce/eliminate stress which prevents illness and disease. This is what has been known for thousands of years and we forgot/lost that knowledge somewhere. Or it’s being kept from the masses by indoctrinating us into thinking that because someone has a white coat that they know wtf they are talking about. Doctors are glorified drug pushers and when 6/9 of the heads of the FDA are also board members of Big Pharma, why would you think they would want to cure us? It used to take YEARS to get new drugs onto the market due to the testing and trials involved but now the FDA only requires a 6-12 week clinical trial to pass new dangerous drugs onto the market. That’s why a lot of the ‘side effects’ on adverts for these pills are so outrageously sinister.. Heart palpitations, ulcers, uncontrollable movements similar to Parkinson’s, heart attack, death… This is because they simply do not have enough data on these pills to know exactly what they could do so they cover their ass and by saying all these side effects are possible and people are willing to still take them, it basically means you can’t sue them because you knew the risks going into them. So why would they want to get rid of their cash crop cancer? I see your point but this is my conclusion from the couple years of research i have, that’s based on people’s decades of research.
        ^^; I know this is a long reply but i wanted to mention one other thing. We in the 21st century supposedly have the capability to send man to space, the moon, mars even, but we don’t have the capability to cure cancer? In the 50+ years they have been researching cancer they just can’t figure it out? Think about the past 50 years’ technological advancements. We went from rotary phones to the iPhone. We went from a dial TV to TVs that are not only paper thin but voice activated. We went from atari’s 2D graphics to holograms that look so real you cannot differentiate it from real life. We went from telescopes that could see our nearest star to telescopes that can look at a dark patch in the sky and send back an image of millions of GALAXIES. We have cured almost everything from rabies to polio to malaria to the common cold. But cancer has remained so fundamentally mind boggling that the only thing we can come up with is dangerous radiation that only has a 2% success rate? Come on..

      • I think it’s a lot more complicated than you give it credit for, finding a cure for cancer is a completely different ball game from improving technologies that we thought about ourselves, unfortunately I should add.

      • Perhaps. It just seems to me that these vast improvements in technology and in human science in general, they would have one. Especially since disease is spread more than it is cured. Like depression for instance. Completely avoidable, save traumatic experiences. But doctors spend about 5-8 minutes on average with patients that say they are depressed and without a blood test or biopsy of any kind they prescribe some anti-depressants that are very dangerous and addictive. Most cause even worse depression and suicidal thoughts/tendencies in people that never expressed said symptoms before taking the drug(s). They fight symptoms not the cause. I understand that cancer and depression are on different realms but it’s the way the healthcare business is ran. It’s for profit and relies on making sure people return again and again. Why wouldn’t cancer treatment be the same? With a two percent success rate, people that don’t die will most likely have a recurrence of cancer and have to go back for treatment. Perhaps you give it too much credit?

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, their motive is obviously profit and they act like any business would, I think we just disagree on how they would go about achieving that

    • We’ll said, people that blindly trust That pharmaceuticals will cure then are just as blind as the people that follow Gregg Braden.

  7. The fact that your entry is so angry, so rich in negative emotions is quite telling in itself. I am not saying that Mr. Braden is right or wrong, I am only curious as to why it makes you so mad. Do you even know?
    I watched a very wonderful, but like all of us flawed person die of illnesses that mirrored her very pathological wishes. She would not take responsibility for her actions, she would not accept responsibility of her life. She was so angry with those who hurt her, she wanted them to acknowledge how much they made her suffer.
    Anyhoo, I wish you peace really; as well as clarity. Mr. Bradden may be out there but from your work I know you have not done due diligence. Read a book of his and you will know what you claim he says is not his message.
    Best of luck and I hope you have a wonderful life.

    • thank you for your mixed messages, I hope I have a nice life too 🙂

      Put simply, I get angry when people encourage cancer victims not to get life saving treatment 🙂

    • Usually, I just read the comments on blogs, but this deserves a special fuck you… Listen, your very wonderful “person” (parent, friend, whatever) did not die because she would not accept responsibility for her life, unless of course, she was actively harming herself with an addiction (and even then, that’s a tenuous explanation at best, since addiction is far more complicated than a failure of responsibility). She didn’t die because she wanted people to acknowledge how much they hurt her. Why do I know this? Because it’s impossible for you to think yourself to death, unless you are behaving in actively self-destructive ways like running into traffic.

      I know people like you and man, do they ever piss me off.

      First, I get molested from the age of 2, grow up under terribly abusive conditions, struggle out of poverty with serious trauma, and work my ass off, only to develop a chronic illness in my early thirties. I am surrounded by assholes like you who tell me that the reason why I have a chronic illness has something to do with my already shitty life and “stress” and I should really just relax… Oh, I bought that message, yes, and I went to all kinds of alternative therapies before genuine science-based diagnosis, when it turned out, actually, I have a genetic f-ing syndrome! And two of those therapies actually left me worse off, crippling me!!!

      Has it ever occurred to you it might just be bad luck? So while I am fighting to stay positive and healthy, I also get to hear dipshits go on about how my negative feelings (read: totally valid feelings of sadness, loss, or grief) are somehow interfering with my healing, when actually, it was your emotionally repressive magical thinking that made me go without reasonable treatment until it was really too late for me to save my quality of life because the damage that happened to my body was too far gone to be remediable. Had I been appropriately diagnosed five, ten years prior, yes. I would’ve had a chance. All the yoga in the world won’t fix what is wrong with me. Can’t even do yoga anymore. I did the yoga, the TCM, the herbs and cleanses and meditation, the “positive thinking” which is really just code for, “Your rational and reasonable grieving and anger and needs makes me uncomfortable, so I am going to blame you for it!”.

      But wait! I did everything I could’ve, and still I ended up unable to walk. I wonder how I got here. Wow, could it just be shit luck? Do I blame others? Well, I blame the physicians who sent me to alternative medicine because they buy this bullshit, too, and missed a pretty straight forward diagnosis. How come I still ended up where I am? Did I not try hard enough to be positive about my past? Well, I took action against those who harmed me, and I am not really angry at those who hurt me. I have had justice. So I am at peace. But am I angry at dipshits like you? OH YES. Why? Because at root, it’s just victim-blaming. And you know what, you don’t have a clue. Positivity won’t protect you when it’s your turn.

      I loved watching one of the most noxious magical thinkers I’ve ever met get cancer. I know it sounds sick, but she was so bloody self-righteous, it was a good wake up call after all the sanctimony and thinly veiled judgment as “advice”.

      Anyway, not going to save you when fate comes knocking. You could try being a compassionate friend instead. Live in service. Bring food, shut your mouth, and maybe do some house work when people are sick. Also, don’t ask a disabled person to “take responsibility for their life” unless they’re actually not taking responsibility for the things within their control. It’s like asking someone to walk up a hill after they broke both their legs. Just because someone is suffering and dependent, does not mean they should be treated like they aren’t taking responsibility for their life.

  8. the method which is used in the cancer video and which is been tought to the patients in the hospital to heal themself is called Zhineng Qigong. The founder is Dr. Pang Ming. The hospitals name was `Huaxia Zhineng Qigong center´but it has been closed in 2001 by the goverment. I had also cancer and learned and still practice the method. I am healthy and happy now ! here some links of recommendet centers where you can go, stay as long as you like and learn and practice: http://www.daohearts.com/ or http://www.hexju.com/ but you can surely also just tipe in Zhineng Qigong at Google and your Country it is already sread over the whole world and it will open your heart and change your life ! all the best, Haola!

  9. Gregg Braden is disgusting beyond words, but if he were telling the truth, wouldn’t the Chinese have hourly flights full of cancer patients leaving for the hospital where they could be cured in 3 minutes. Wouldn’t Insurance companies be picking up their cancer ridden customers in limousines and taking them to the tarmac, knowing that whatever Gregg and his magic doctors would charge would only be a tiny fraction of the cost of a few traditional chemo treatments. The lying sack of shit should really be asked to put up or shut up.

    • Willis you are absolutely right! The fact is the Chinese government has recently outlawed this type of Qigong because they view it as backward and unscientific, which it most definately is!


  10. ever considered that how you react and believe in something. may just be the reason of creating such things? look at your reactions! do you even understand what he is saying??

  11. After exploring a number of the blog posts on your web site, I honestly
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  12. This is a ridiculous post of an issue that captured people’s emotion and ego to engage in a discussion to bring relevant content to this blog that will add up to some kind of SEO credit. 😀 Good post and good interaction folks.. The issue here is not about the said topic its all about the ranking in big G.

    But let me say my own understanding about Gregg Braden’s teaching. I’m not a PRO , I’m just neutral with this heated argument..

    However, if you pay sometime to understand other teachings about the so called ” Law of Attraction” by many known success coaches in the context of business and entrepreneurship, Namely: Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Ed Foreman and many more including Oprah Winfrey, what Gregg Braden was saying about the role of human heart ( to create a feeling as if, aside from thoughts ( visualization, imagination, crystal clear image of the thing that you want in life) has a HUGE relevance to attain success.

    The lost Gospel of Thomas which was mentioned by Gregg Braden in one of his teachings is a clear foundation and basis behind the “Law of Attraction”. Its the human mind that controls our consciousness,and its the the human heart
    ( where love, gratitude, compassion resides, Jesus Christ way of life during his time) that communicates the Universe (God) to bring things into our reality even to create miracles. That’s all I can say… hehehe… the worse part is, what we think is what we get and what we become so mind your thoughts guys we are correct in either way…if we feel good then we’re good, if we feel bad that’s what we are.

  13. “Gregg Braden is disgusting beyond words, but if he were telling the truth, wouldn’t the Chinese have hourly flights full of cancer patients leaving for the hospital where they could be cured in 3 minutes”.

    Ahem……Willis…would you go? Or, how ’bout Susan and Jengajam? Think they’d go?

  14. @jengajam , you are so up your ass that its covered with shit,
    with that out ot the way i just want to say , did you try the techniques greg advertise?

    you could do well to ignore the so called scientific proof which up till now has time and again been revised to comply to the needs of the people higher up in the food chain,

    its time to try new things and enjoy life bro and maybe just maybe you could reap the rewards by writing up something that builds instead of criticize ,


  15. Dear all who want Gregg to die,
    I just went through his material and i must say he has got a lot of things right .
    Now i dont know if what he says is true or not but what he wishes for humanity is that we whould all believe in ourselves more than some scientific study.
    Is that soo wrong ?
    You narrow minded individuals who think science will help you solve all world problems will never get off ur ass and do anything cuz why should you when there s a scientist in a lab doing the work for you whose credit u can hold over someone s head in an internet debate.
    Ever heard of Bob Proctor, Napolean Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison . All of them have repeatedly told and explained in their our wat their understanding of how our world works and they all have something in common with Gregg Barden .They all understood something.
    Now one piece of advise . Try something before you discard it . Or ur no worse than the ppl in churches who destroyed the truth cuz they didnt know how to handle explain or interpret and were too stubborn to change

    Fellow Human

  16. I guess you agree with my doctor about crohns
    Celiac disease
    Diet doesnt effect these horrible diseases. It genetic.
    Western medicine for the most part, likes to mask symptoms. Not fix what’s causing the problems.
    It’s not just people with terminal illnesses that are living wrong. It’s everybody. 23000 babys die every day of starvation. We are all too stupid and hypnotized to care. Gregg Braden is deffinetly wrong about some things. But there is a lot more to our world
    Dr emoto water experiments.
    The hundredth monkey effect.
    Check it out.

  17. I agree with what greggbradensecret said above “its the the human heart
    ( where love, gratitude, compassion resides, Jesus Christ way of life during his time) that communicates the Universe (God) to bring things into our reality even to create miracles”.

    But why what Gregg Braden teaches doesn´t work for everybody? Because everybody has been taught to hide their feelings behind a fake feeling portraying mask. Therefore they cannot feel true love.

    I think Gregg Braden has done a lot of work for us, but only those who don´t believe everything the tv tells them to believe and those who don´t wear a mask to hide their emotions and therefore those who have love in their hearts can understand him or sciptures such as the gospel of Thomas where it is written (89) Jesus said: Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not understand that he who made the inside is also he who made the outside?

    My interpretation: Why do you make up your face and force your face to portray feelings you just think inside your brain, but you don´t actually feel inside? Why do you worry about the outside so much? Why do you worry about the outside more than about the inside? Because the outside is the only thing that other people can see of you, but why can´t you see that God sees the inside too? The inside is as important as the outside period.

    If what I wrote makes sense to you, here´s my blog:

  18. We must admit that we dont have all of the answers….science most certainly doesn’t. Modern medicine certainly doesn’t. So what Gregg does is encourage an alternate way of thinking, as suggested by masterminds of our world in the field of science….Nikola Tesla for example. If we do not explore for new things, we will never find new things. Just because “science” can’t prove something…..does not mean it to be false. Do you honestly think modern science has even scratched the surface of our universe or existance. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Electrical fields DO exisist and human interaction with them does have an effect. Science has proven this. And guess what, we live in a universe full of electric fields. So that thought alone provokes questions in MY mind. As for cures….do you honestly think it would be made public….not in our capitalist society where we profit from suffering.

  19. I think you are heavily biased. Prior to writing such profanity u would do well to contact the woman cured and check her before and after reports. Just because u don’t believe it, it does not mean it did not happen

  20. Gregg gves a solution, you do not,,give solutions do not be like the republicans that,,only give noes and not, but no solutions, help not obstruct,it is simple to say fuck you and sit on your ass, give solutions, do not be and ass hole.

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