Door to door creationism?

If anything is a great start to the day it’s having a giggle with a couple of preachers, it’s the most important meal of the day and I have it on good authority that it keeps hunger locked up until lunch.

Anyway, I haven’t really experienced much creationism in my lifetime, evolution has an undeniable degree of evidence for it, and through my years I came to assume that looking past that overwhelming information was very rare in this country, as opposed to the real problem it is in the USA, where Jesus is currently taking his third world tour.

This isn’t the first time there have been God botherers at the door, however, this time I almost invited them in before remembering that I live with my parents, and thus bringing nutty strangers into their home probably wouldn’t be the best idea I’ve ever had.

I was initially asked if I was interested in reading the Bible; I told them I already had and that God wasn’t always the nicest of entities, especially in the Old Testament where there’s a slaughter or a genocide every ten or so pages. The man replied that it takes a while to see past those events, and continued to probe me about the Bible. I told him I had recently turned agnostic and in response he asked if it was because I learned about science. Now I don’t see why science and religion can’t work together, however, this man’s beliefs apparently directly contradicted science and all established facts and evidence.

Asking what he meant by this I was met with the statement; ‘well some people believe in evolution and some believe in creationism’. I could only profess that I thought by now evolution could be considered a fact, something which he was obviously amused by giving a ‘well… could we give you this pamphlet about the truth? It gives you Bible passages addressing these issues’ or something to that degree.

What I really should have said, instead of telling them I’d take a look was that the good book can’t really be used as evidence above physical aspects we can observe, but I was being friendly, late for my scheduled gym visit and wearing a T-shirt professing that the proof of God was beer.

The guys were incredibly friendly and were amused by the encounter, as was I; however, I am a firm believer that faith shouldn’t be shoved in people’s faces, guess I’ll never be a preacher.


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