FUCK YOU – ignorant clown posse

Now I shouldn’t even have to explain how stupid these guys are, this entire video is a steaming pile of shit, however, for the purposes of letting people know what kind of idiots still walk our planet, here’s an awful song.

Now to put this is context, the insane clown posse are a group of evangelical Christians who managed to pass as rappers to get their message of Jesus etc. across to the youth, you know, because half-brained white guys with a hardcore anti-scientific agenda is amazingly hip these days.

The song is essentially about how they don’t know how anything in the world works because ‘scientists be lying and getting me pissed’ and therefore they remain ignorant of how ‘fucking magnets’ work, and why there is so much to wonder about ‘up in this bitch’. Frankly these guys are hilariously bad, and it really speaks for itself, but you can’t help but wonder why they don’t just attempt to understand what is going on around them rather than their labelling of everything besides the real wonder of the span of their ignorance as a miracle. Now I’m not saying that there aren’t mysteries in the world, but the examples they’ve taken are all understood scientifically, something which they apparently ignore.

What a load of tripe.


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