FUCK YOU: Theta Healing

First of all, if you’re going to try and convince people that they have dormant healing powers learn to use correct grammar because ‘unconditional love of creator of all’ is not the correct way to arrange your poorly thought through sentences.

Yes, I am back with another pointer towards the arseholery that the internet is constantly being filled with, in fact the internet is currently so full of shit that it’s frankly starting to smell a little funny and there are flies lining up outside for their little invertebrate buffet our world wide web has become.

And yes this happens to be another one of those ‘I’m healing you, you just don’t have enough faith to realise it’ websites that I’ve previously encountered in the form of the enigmatic Mr. Braden; the reason being that this is one of the most dangerous and selfish scams around.

Think about it, there are people out there who are desperately sick and will do anything for a cure; here comes some charlatan with a product to sell, telling them they can help and suddenly they’re not on their medicine, they die years prematurely and their family are broke from buying into these bogus cures. You do wonder where these peoples’ senses of guilt are sometimes.

This claims to work on four key levels; core, gene, history and soul; only one of which makes any sense, and certainly nothing but very complex scientific procedures would work to alter that. Nevertheless they refer to some tenuous link to some science they just made up last thursday, claiming ‘scientific evidence shows that toxic emotions can lead to disease’.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that emotions can’t be toxic, but apparently some people need to be told since these guys are still around. Let me make that clear to you. Emotions cannot be toxic. Period.

Toxicity in fact is one of these idiots’ favourite targets, not realising in fact, that toxins are not everywhere as they claim, that if they were they would be in small doses that the body could handle, and if one did succumb to some kind of toxic damage, the best way to treat it would lie in a hospital, and not on some miracle cure from the bowels of the internet.

Their other attempts to justify their ideas come with the ‘7 planes of existence’ claiming that with their products, one can reach the highest level of love possible. I thought that marriage was meant to be the highest level of love possible? Are they handing out free vegas-style weddings? Unfortunately not.

They then refer to a questionable story about a woman who used their love and peace techniques to cure bone cancer, without citation, and without evidence, how can they possibly hope to have people believe that? Well apparently some people do, so let me once again clarify. Love does not cure cancer. Pretty fucking sure.

Now as with all of these ridiculous claims, there’s always something to sell, and in this case, it’s overpriced books, dvds and t-shirts; all about teaching and passing on the ideas they came up with overnight. God help us all. In fact, that’s what their plan is, what with the divine creator of all shtick; so actually, God, just help those of us who are not spreading bullshit over our toast in the morning. And also put these guys out of business.


12 responses to “FUCK YOU: Theta Healing

  1. Love it. I’d link to it, but I’d have to bleep out half of it, hehe. Thanks for mentioning the obvious ignoramus grammar, toxic emotions and the inability to feel guilty for lying, conning and otherwise intentionally ruining lives to gain a thicker wallet.

    • Yeah sorry about that, I got a little worked up, although I assure you I swore a lot more on the Mike Adams posts 😛

      Think I did a cleaner one on this subject a couple of days ago but I did have a few days of preparing over that one 🙂

  2. The ASA wouldn’t remove a complaint I made about a certain “Mind Detox Method” claiming that research said thoughts can become toxic. Their argument was that that could be just his opinion. Pretty sure you are meant to have evidence to back up claims like that. Though they have told the guy (twice now) to remove any mention of medical conditions and reword his claims at weightloss…Dunno if he has…
    This Theta healing sounds remarkably similar, just with even more outlandish claims…

    • Sounds like he was looking for a loophole to get his crackpot theory out there. Theta healing sticks these ideas along with quantum woo into a faith healing backdrop, unfortunately, many people don’t see the connection :/

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  4. Is it ok for a theta healer to sleep with her client ???? Or are they not held to the moral and ethical standards usually followed by so called professionals ??

      • Oh well , they are all pieces of shit anyways , at least i got laid then !!! Just a warning , everyone stay away from theta healing and margo plum , shes a prostitute as far as im concerned , she also slept with her married accupuncturist … theta healing works about as good as prayer does .. none of them can heal themselves so they sure aint gonna fix or heal anyone else or conduct themselves in any way thats descent .. its just a money making scam

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