Homeopathy Spoofing and Rambling

I must have missed this episode the first time around but this Mitchell and Webb sketch in particular is just perfect. No rants here, no individuals being targeted, just an overview taking the piss out of homeopathy by plagiarising the people who do it best; or at least embedding their videos into this post.

For those who don’t understand what homeopathy is; it is a few hundred year old magical thinking practice endorsed by Prince Charles and the royal family, and happens to have not completely died due to a general distrust of the mainstream medical establishment across certain groups across the globe, indeed the rise in complementary and alternative medicine can be partially blamed on these types of miracle cures; those than cause no harm and are supposed to work as well if not better than science based medicine; when in fact, every double blind study conducted shows that there is in fact no benefit.

The principles behind the practice, as demonstrated in the parody, are like cures like: so if you have been poisoned by say… arsenic, then you take a sample of arsenic; upon which the second main principle is complied and the arsenic is diluted to the point where the solution is basically nothing more than water, with only a few molecules, if any, of the active ingredient left. Homeopathic practitioners believe that the more the solution is diluted, the stronger the effect is, and I don’t need to tell you that those claims make no sense.

And if you still want more information on the subject, there’s a long video below explaining it in more detail.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand finally; watch as this homeopathic doctor tries to worm her way out of answering for her colleagues prescribing malaria remedies that do not work and are potentially tickets to death.


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