FUCK YOU(tube) – spreading the message of ignorance

Now this video might be a little disturbing, if not for the lies it’s spreading, but also from those who commented on its source, wholeheartedly accepting the ‘facts’ presented without question.

“Oh yeah, it makes sense that people would rather make money off of human lives rather than become world famous and an international hero for curing cancer”

No it doesn’t.

If meningitis, cancer and the other diseases mentioned in this video were indeed preventable; why would they not be made available to those suffering. And the ones that are available, well why aren’t they being used? It’s not because the pharmaceutical industries want to make money off of the backs of death, it’s because they don’t work.

There is no factual basis to the claims made and the fact that people are buying into this as if it’s a genuine scientific paper frankly makes me feel a little sick.

There is no cure for cancer; along with heart attacks, cancer is one of the two biggest killers in the western world; cancer is an umbrella under which a multitude of different diseases lie. Eg. a cervical cancer jab will not protect you from a brain tumour.

God help this person if they ever get a fatal disease, because they’re not going to get the help that they need, and I truly hope that everyone on their video agreeing with the points, readily forgets what they have supposedly ‘learned’ before any of these diseases hit them, because distrust in the very thing that is going to save your life purely based on propaganda… well that’s dangerous


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