Scapegoat Central – Vampires

Tired of your child keeping you up all night and making you play with them all the time?

Is their wishing to play with you every second of the day leaving you tired and depressed?

Then maybe your child is an energy vampire.

An expert said ‘Basically, an energy vampire leaves you feeling tired and depressed. An example of an energy vampire is a “drama queen”, who is always dealing with some major crisis. And, her (or his) major crises affect your life, your mood, and even your physical and emotional health. Energy vampires leave you feeling drained and listless because they drain your energy.’

Also I have it on good authority that they have red auras, just so y’know, you can identify one.

So if someone around you pisses you off or makes you feel annoyed or tired when they’re around, it’s not that they don’t get on well with you, they’re just vampires.

How do you know if you’re a vampire? Let’s just ask this vampire.

‘I only recently realized that i am a energy vampire. My best friend came up to me and told me she thought i was an energy vampire and that i should look it up. it seemed very possible when i knew what it was, mostly because im very loud and people tend to only can be able to take me in small doses im very tired when alone, even now as i write this i am tired,goodbye and goodluck’

Now isn’t that just the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? Seriously some of these people need better friends, or a sense of perspective.

Because yes folks, when someone makes you feel tired, or angry, or drained, let’s not jump to the conclusion that they’re slowly draining away your energy like ‘real vampires’ drain blood, first consider how well you get along with these people, whether you have conflicting interests or whether they are relying on you for lots of activities that you just can’t seem to fit around your sleep pattern.

Because a much simpler explanation stems from the fact that you are a separate human being to these people, they won’t understand how exhausted you are exactly, or how much eccentricity you can handle; let’s occam’s razor this and conclude that human interaction is a lot more likely and allows the laws of physics to be broken less than the presence of energy vampires; and if you want to find out where I got these quotes from, I’ll link to it

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