New World Order: Assassin’s Creed taken too seriously

Now I assumed, and apparently wrongly so, that everyone playing the Assassin’s Creed games knew that the universe it is based in, and the story itself, is a work of fiction.

Certainly there aren’t templars and assassins running around the place trying to take each other down, and if you have trouble disbelieving the whole ancestral memory infused into DNA thing; Dr. Michio Kaku (string field theory big shot) does a great series at discussing the science of video games, and addressed this very issue, making it clear (if it was not to you already) that DNA just doesn’t work that way; you can find that below.

Apparently however, dispite the huge bloody disclaimer at the beginning of each game, there are still people who believe (although hearing this on a forum does suggest its rather a few) that the game series is an attempt by Ubisoft to expose the New World Order conspiracy theory as true.

Now the very fact that this is a conspiracy theory should suggest that it’s not true anyway, adding with that the game’s disclaimer proclaiming it as a work of fiction, and that reading about the theory just adds to disbelief in its ridiculousness. The problem is however, there are many people who believe that there are people (or aliens) with a diabolical master plan, who have created a flawless, undercover scheme and have continued it for generations, and that this will conclude with a totalitarian nation spanning the entire human population; hence New World Order, or at least that was the theories origins, God knows what tributaries are flowing from it now.

Anyway a forum poster commented that he/she thought exposing the truth of NWO through a video game series was genius, and for some reason had obviously missed every disclaimer the game threw at him/her, presumably through wondering how many of the pussycat dolls are involved in the illuminati.

Bottom line however, is that there is nothing that lacks enough flaws to pull off such a plan, and even if there was, it’s very unlikely that they would let a video game expose it.

12 responses to “New World Order: Assassin’s Creed taken too seriously

  1. Ok, firstly, there is no way anyone would expose the NWO without taking precautions to protect the producing staff etc, hence the disclaimer.
    The NWO supporters are powerful and very very clever, infact, I can’t stress how clever these people actually are. They have studied the mind beyond our understanding, the psychology that is encorporated into their works is unbelievable. Bringing me to my second point.
    The NWO supporters will let such a game go out for the simplicity of that everyone will do exactly what you have done in your article, “It can;t be real because it’s in a game”. Of course it’s in a game, they would let such a game go out to let rationalists like yourself think “Nah, that’d never happen in real life”. You see? The intellect in these people is phenoinal. I believe I read one of their scriptures that read “We will hide in plain sight, as to not arouse suspicion and we will never be see.” Not an exact quote there, but you get the long and short of it.
    What I’m saying is, question it, play the game or google the cinematics or whatever, match them up to todays situations with an open mind and you’ll be quite shocked at what you find. Do a little research about symbolism that the NWO use, such and numbers, the all seeing eye and things like that. I urge you to do so. Unplug from the system and the truth will set you free.

    • the way that you used the word rationalists kind of sums this up ^^
      I should just point out the incompetence behind every human being, if Bill Clinton can’t hide a blowjob how would a secret as big as this hold up?

      • Ignorance is bliss.The human mind is like a CPU – if the CPU’s capacity is low it cannot run certain programs.

        This is not your program jengajam, let it go …

      • Do you realise how condescending that sounds? Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

        Also, apparently your CPU capacity is so low it can’t even comprehend that there should be a comma before jengajam.

        See Matthew 7:5

  2. The relevance of this game to our time is substantial. The rich and powerful have always sought to control it is a side effect of being conditioned to wealth. in our era we have been manipulated to the point that we souly focus our lives on ridiculous things. This game by no means “exposes” the NWO its the same idea but with a fictional twist to satisfy the player. Most don’t see the relevance to begin with…

      • Ok, sure. just stay asleep and pretend that the warnings we keep getting mean nothing. With the world getting worse and worse, people are slowly tarting to pay attention, but hopefully in time. Do your research and you’ll find that many of theses “theories” are indeed facts.

      • hit me with a few facts then and I’ll take a second look. I do however, believe in incompetence, something that NWO does not take into account.

      • jengajam, have you listened to our politicians and super-rich banksters who talk of it and wish to see America the leader of the NWO? While they may not become successful, they most certainly wish to see their dreams realized. These people include Henry Kissinger, Rockefeller, George Bush, Obama, etc…they have talked of it. You just don’t hear about it in the mainstream media.

  3. The moment I started playing AC Brotherhood (the first game I played), I immediately thought that ubisoft was using conspiracy theories to make a story for their game. Why? Because it’s really GOOD.
    I associated the Templars with being related to the ‘Illuminati’ or ‘NWO followers’, while the assassin brotherhood? Not sure yet, I’ve only played AC 2 brotherhood, and currently playing AC1.
    Question is if some people who worked on the series believes there is a new world order conspiracy. There isn’t exactly any PROOF that some family of elites (which is the general belief concerning NWO) are planning an New world order for centuries. However, many conspiracy theorists have dug around, finding information that could LEAD to some suspicious dealings. Start out by reading New World Order history.

    We’ll never find out the truth. And even if the truth is in plain sight, most people still deny it. That is human nature for most. Just remember to always keep an open mind, and never, for one second, believe that something this huge, is not possible.

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