R.I.P Guitar Hero

Welcome to the Guitar Hero funeral folks, where were all burying our plastic drum kits that stopped working after someone hit them too hard at a party.

For anyone who bought guitar hero 5 expecting it to be a return to form from the disappointingly bland set from ‘world tour’ only to find that the game was essentially world tour part 2 (although very fun as was 4 for the first two months on your own, and after several beers with a few friends), then it would be no surprise to hear somebody announce that guitar hero was dead; in fact people started proclaiming this after guitar hero 3; which was mainly because it was so bloody hard to do raining blood on expert. As with rock bands and their fan’s ability to declare them ‘sold out’ after a couple of half decent selling albums, the guitar hero fans have jumped ship at several points in their career; and as such the remaining crew members just weren’t enough to ship enough units of ‘warriors of rock’ to impress the gaming giants in charge of their series and as such Activision has ‘axed’ (hurrhurr) the franchise.

Apparently the music genre as a whole is failing to impress financially, and I suppose the company that is now owned by World of Warcraft developers ‘Blizzard’ really know a thing or two about rolling money in; they also scrapped two series no-one gave a shit about, namely

-DJ Hero (yawn)

-True Crime (no, I never heard of it either)

Although I suppose everyone kind of saw this coming, it’s still interesting to hear about, especially since all the enthusiasm backing the project in recent years; everyone from Slash to Gene Simmons was all over the franchise; it would have been more fitting, to be honest, if it had lasted 27 games, or for 27 years, which would only be fitting, but you can’t win them all; at least the haters will be happy now people have to resort to playing real guitars.


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