Norwegian Crop Circle Fail

For anyone who hasn’t seen the episode of Qi when they commissioned a crop circle, I’d suggest you go watch it just for the smile you get when you realise what the crop circle is.

Basically a Norwegian psychic and her buddies go on a journey to Wiltshire, England; where they discover a crop circle that makes them very emotional and connects to them in a way they hadn’t imagined possible.

This is really a little embarrassing, when the psychics begin to talk about how emotional they’re getting and how the creator took so much care in making perfect geometric shapes. The most cringeworthy bit for me being when they ‘discover the ramp of the spacecraft’.

‘It’s a man in a circle!’

‘What is it?’

And as the psychic realises it’s a magnifying glass the stunning reveal comes and you really have to feel a little sorry for them knowing exactly what the logo they’re examining is. It’s certainly not extraterrestrial. If they had spent a little time on research rather than proclaiming that the aliens are telling them to ‘look closer’ maybe they would have realised the mistake they were making rather than parading around it as if it was some kind of sign.

The video finishes with the woman bathing in the energy of the area, an area on record as being made into a crop circle by the producers of Stephen Fry’s very popular Qi, missed something there Norwegian lady?


There are even pictures of the men creating the circle

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