Nurr Pokémurrrn

Now you may know this already, and if you do you are officially a nerd. Be proud of it, bask in your geeky glory you spotty basement-dwelling virgin. Anyway, the english names of all of the new Black and White Pokémon have been released. As always some make sense, most are very lazy but there are a couple that are just downright silly.

Say hello to Gurdurr; yes, you heard me, Gurdurr.

And this is his friend Timburr, not making this up.

And here’s their grandfather: Conkeldurr.

Someone at Nintendo of America had a field day here.

How he got away with this I don’t know, but seriously come on, they must have done this on purpose, this has DERP written aaaaaaaaaaalllllllll over it.

In conclusion this makes up for all of the terrible designs that are staining the otherwise shiny coating of the upcoming Pokémon game and all its hand held glory. Although the Samuel L Jackson bull was doing that pretty well on its own I must say.


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