FUCK YOU – Mike Adams returns!

Yeeeeeeeeeees; after a long while of neglecting this particular segment of my blog, I have to return to it to kick some sense back into the internet that seems to have lost it a long time ago.

Recently the James Randi Educational Foundation (or JREF for short) launched (as far as I can tell anyway) a campaign against the manufacture of homeopathic medicines. I’ve talked about homeopathy before; the basic premise of the product being that there is nothing in it. Any active ingredients have been diluted out completely, and like cures like etc.

I’ll let the man himself explain for a second.

The point of the campaign was a mass overdose on homeopathic medicine; now, if it is medicine, as the companies claim, a lethal dose should kill you; and this is also professed by the packages the products come in, recommending you to see a toxicity expert if taking higher than the recommended dose, or at least something along those lines, I don’t have the stuff with me right now.

Now to the reason for the blog.

So where Mike Adams gets off saying that ‘homeopathy is not a chemical’ and ‘it’s not toxic therefore’ I have no idea. Because it is completely against what the homeopathic medicine manufacturers want their customers to think. What is it then Mr. Adams? He claims it’s a vibration or a harmony; nothing actually proven, all speculation from his own justification of anything that isn’t mainstream medicine.

Because as Mr. Adams says ‘ignorant conventional medicine works like this, you know the drugs are kicking in when you start getting worse.’ I’m sorry Mike Adams but you are so full of shit that you’re about to burst.

Now Mike Adam’s background might be helpful here to explain why he’s such an idiot. Previously diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which is brought on my dietary and fitness conditions. Mike Adams decided to make himself all better by exercising and having a better diet. Then, not content with having his own illness under control, he decided on a whim that if type 2 diabetes works like that, then obviously all diseases can be treated with diet and exercise.

Mike Adams, listen up, you are fucking WRONG. Bottom line.

Then Mike Adams goes on to claim that no skeptics know the truth about physics and electrons because it won’t be taught in physics classes until 2020; then how do you know mister smarty pants? Apparently electrons are just vibrations, which is fine, except that they’re not, in fact, there are stills of electrons taken with great difficulty by scientists, our entire electronic world is based around electrons and what we know about them, and the fact that Mike Adams thinks he knows more about them than every bloody expert on them in the world, frankly makes me feel a little sick.

Apparently we’ll never find out either because by 2020 all the skeptics will be dead from taking medicine that works.

Mike Adams, we’ve already cleared that you are wrong. Now you’re laughable. And a dick.

He also dismisses quantum physics because ‘ooh magic teleporting particles’. ]

Please Mr. Adams, if you have any suggestions on how to otherwise explain the double slit experiment that work out, I will eat my own fricking shoe and carve ‘the naturalistic fallacy is a big pharma conspiracy’ into my forehead with a compass.

In fact just prove to me that you’re capable of basic cognitive function I will go on record as saying everything natural is good, whilst holding a bottle of arsenic by a volcano, after which I will drink the poison and jump into the lava because everything natural is good right? Right?

Mike Adams thinks it’s hilarious to watch people try and debunk homeopathy by overdosing on it, claiming ignorance on the debunker’s part; which is incredibly ironic given his choice to ignore not only the evidence, but what homeopaths actually think.

You are the ignorant one sir.

Also apparently all skeptics want to kill themselves and you. Really Mike Adams? Really?

How does anyone go on his website for facts and come off thinking he’s sane, seriously?

He points to vaccines (covered intensely to the point where there is no conceivable way any of his claims are true), water fluoridation (good for your teeth, not poisonous), chemotherapy (you treat cancer then you smug fuck), pharmaceuticals (tested many many many many times to ensure non-toxicity, recommended in safe doses and only when necessary, patients are told about the side effects, need I go on?)

And then he has the nerve to challenge anyone who doesn’t agree with him to drink a gallon of chemotherapy.

Homeopathy is water.

Chemotherapy stops your cells from reproducing to reduce the spread of cancer.

So what’s your point Mike Adams?

If skeptics want to prove something doesn’t work by drinking it and living, drink something that does work and die?

You are an idiot.

An ignorant, smug, self-righteous asshole with an axe to grind and a tiny penis.

Also you have the face of a shrew.


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