Nobody sane has Bieber fever

Justin Bieber; stay away from me.

I do not want to see you topless, not even as an advertisement.

I don’t care if you were in Australia, I don’t care if you have a shitty little tattoo.

THIS is not an advertisement appropriate for anyone with half a brain.

Maybe when your balls drop you will be forced to leave your record label and everyone can forget you, but at least until then can you limit your media exposure to just the people who care about seeing a little boy with his shirt off, I’m sure R.Kelly would be happy to oblige.

I’m not going to see your movie; it will make me want to kill myself.

I won’t buy your songs, they are a disgrace to mankind.

Come back when you know what German means and maybe I’ll give you enough credit to kill you quickly.

Yours Sincerely,

The side of the internet that can think for itself.


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