Fluoride Hysteria!

Although the news article on this seems genuine until you check the source, you can’t really help but thinking that something is fishy about this story. First of all it was on naturalnews.com, Mike Adams’ infamous website under the name ‘fluoride makes your children stupid’ which is ridiculous to start with.

Now the main point of the article, which I will of course link to at the foot of this post, is that children in areas with high water fluoridation had a few less IQ points than areas with low water fluoridation.

Now fluorine is added to water to aid in your body’s battle with tooth decay, and it is in your tap water in safe doses so that all it does is add a little more protection. Is that not a good thing? Well you’d think so. The studies this article references however seem to disagree, pointing to lowered IQ with fluorine exposure; however, these reports were pulled straight out of a very particular website. Namely http://fluoridealert.org; which, as you can probably tell by the name, already has a preconceived notion of the results they want to claim.

Now these are the kind of people that don’t want fluorine in the water purely because it doesn’t sound ‘natural’, because it’s a chemical, well guess what, there are geniuses growing up drinking fluorinated water, and if there were any risk worth making a big fuss about, then I think it would be extremely likely that governments would take fluorine out, who wants to leave their citizen’s with permanent damage? Well if you’re a conspiracy nut then everyone I guess, but I’m assuming that you, the reader, have some sort of common sense at least.

The main point I think I must stress here is that correlation does not equal causation.

Just because there may seem to be a trend that areas with high water fluoridation are generally areas where children are a few screws loose does not mean that one is causing the other. There could be one outside variable causing both, or it could even be coincidence.

So in short, don’t report from a biased source as if it’s a well rounded, well thought out piece of journalism.

Eddy out.

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