The Future Rocks!

Behold the high priestess of stones!

The rock girl can apparently channel spiritual energy through rocks and derives knowledge of the future etc. from the energy she draws from these rocks.

So apparently the woman in this video picks the rocks that she feels a connection to… or something…

There’s a nice mix of hot reading here from the information she gives to the rock girl at the beginning of the video, kind of odd, well, extremely odd.

she also makes some statements that encourage certain illusions from suggestion, such as perceiving the rock to get warmer.

And although this woman is rather crazy, I do appreciate her attempts to make geology interesting to make-up artists and hairdresses. Although I was not aware that stones were meant to have chakra, I thought that was a life energy?

Does this mean that rocks can be treated with acupuncture?

Apparently Egyptians using make-up couldn’t be scripted either, funny, I wouldn’t have considered that so amazing, but whatever, she’s made her feel very special about being a make-up artist

I also appreciate how the client helps the rock girl out by predicting her own stuff so that she can take the credit via the stones.

How very silly.


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