Save The Owls!

Today is my two year anniversary with my girlfriend and as a little gift I got this message on facebook:


What is it?
According to iridologists, the eye contains a complete map of every body part. This therapy was invented by a Hungarian physician, Ignatz von Peczely, who, during his childhood, accidentally broke the leg of an owl and noticed a black stripe appear in the lower part of the owl’s eye. He may have developed his theories further during his imprisonment in 1848 at the time of Hungarian revolution and he first practiced on his mother.

Professor Ernst recently published a review of the scientific literature on iridology but he could only find four publications which had been carried out according to correct scientific procedure. These studies suggested that iridology is not a valid diagnostic tool.
He says firmly, “Patients and therapists should be discouraged from using this method

The treatment I care little about; but how on earth would a child manage to accidentally break an owl’s leg??’

Now this is very Mike Adams; some guy notices something odd happen once and extrapolates it to EVERYTHING! What a clever guy.

Iridology is a pile of shit obviously, but there is a lesson to be learned here. For example when a thirsty man in the desert begins to hallucinate, he doesn’t begin to think that water magically will appear to stop him being thirsty and therefore there is no need for taps. Instead he tries to eat sand. He is then still thirsty if not more so.

As for the owl thing, I think that iridology could possibly be a cover for his hatred of owlkind. In the dead of night while everyone else is having their eyes examined to find out if they’ve got cancer, he goes out and murders countless owls with their damned huge irises. How dare they exist!

That is all.


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