Equality in Superiority?

Now today I had a job interview at Barnardo’s, which as many people may not know, is a charity shop that sells used clothes, videos, toys, books etc.

At a certain point in the whole interviewing process I was asked to take a look at their mission statementy/what we’re all about thing, and noticed a little contradiction that I seem to remember having encountered a few times before across the internet, before realising that it reminded me of the way American Presidential candidates respond to the question of ‘am I still equal without faith?’ Which is pretty reasonable.

The point they made was, on one page, that the organisation is primarily Christian and proud of their Christian heritage and values. When I asked what values, they didn’t really make much of a statement except for that originally Barnardo’s wanted all its employees to be Christians, things have changed and now they are much more equal opportunities, but the statement is still there which seems a little redundant if there aren’t specific values attributed to it.

On the next page, it talks about the power of equality and how all religions, races, genders etc. are entirely equal, and yet, they highlighted the importance of a Christian outlook on the former page. Now I’m sure that contradiction is just a side-effect of the times a changing but you would think that they would at least stick to one side or the other, because it’s difficult to have it both ways.

I mean think about it, it can’t have been that long ago when the place was turning down non-Christians and with the same mouth claiming that they are equal opportunists working for this charitable organisation, what charity should exclude anyone based on their belief system?

The fact that they don’t apparently do it anymore is very refreshing but the whole concept of ‘we’re the only ones allowed to help you because of Jesus’ seems a little bit… off to me.

Now I tried to add a video to this of the 2008 presidential candidates doing exactly the same thing (having their cake and eating it too) by appealing to both audiences by pronouncing absolute equality and yet, that Christianity is more important than lack thereof. Alas, I couldn’t find it, so you’re going to have to take my word for it.


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