A Difficult Dream

Going through a minor case of the blues lately, I’ve been starting to wonder if there is hope in the musical department of my creativity. Now I can write a song, but the majority of my songs, and almost all of the good ones, only really work well in a rock band kind of formula.

Now given that bands are a coming together of several individuals by definition they are rocky, and keeping one together takes a lot of passion and a lot of cohesion. But where can you find two, three, four people as dedicated to the cause as yourself that you will get along with well enough not to want to murder three gigs in?

And then even before that, how do you meet potential band members? I’m not a sociable person, and generally I find it very hard to encourage myself to try and spend time with new people. I suppose there are those advertisements in newspapers and such but surely that’s even more awkward? If they’re going to assume you’re on the same skill level, know all the songs etc. plus you don’t know who they are and chances are at least one of them will think you’re a piece of shit.

But really what can you do? The whole music business is a very right place right time kind of thing anyway, and statistically I’d be almost guaranteed to be disappointed, but I guess hidden deep within this pessimistic mind is a hint of optimism, or at least faith in my own limited ability.


4 responses to “A Difficult Dream

  1. The easiest way to ensure failure in the music industry is to leave the music industry. As a recording artist myself, I highly encourage you to follow your dreams, never let anyone tell you it won’t happen. And if that negativity does creep in, don’t believe it.

    I wish you well my friend with all of your musical pursuits!



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