Can I Help!

Well the short answer is no I can’t, not until you use the proper grammar.

First of all I have no money and am almost entirely dependent on other people at this time so moving out isn’t really in my interests, not only that but if you want to sell your 3-4 bedroom home to haart, well then you probably won’t be looking for ‘specific genuine buyers’. Which is a ridiculous term, if you’re moving, redundant adjectives and bad use of exclamation marks should not persuade you to call haart today, which is also branded with an exclamation mark for obvious marketing reasons.

So in size 72 font and in all caps, yes haart you did capture my attention, and through that I would advise you fire your IT department and start from scratch, because they can’t even use word properly.

If you hadn’t noticed by now, I got a letter from haart asking me: CAN YOU HELP! There, I’ve cleared things up.


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