CAM On The Bookshelf

Earlier today I came across a rather odd book concerning whether vaccinating your children is safe, now seeing as I’ve spent countless hours on the subject previously I thought I’d go through the basic premise of it and work out whether it was worth keeping on the shelf it was for, because if it was what I thought it would be, it certainly wouldn’t be appropriate to keep it where people can read it and believe its contents wholeheartedly.

However, it was a lot stranger than I had expected, the book was written by a homeopath and does a terrible job at answering the question of whether vaccines are safe for children, in fact, what it said was that neither anti-vaxxers nor pro-vaxxers were right, and apparently that meant that taking homeopathic medicine would work to stop any bad effects of vaccines.

Now, there is little danger in vaccines, there are of course very rare cases were side effects occur but they are incredibly rare. And in the event of these situations, taking a sugar pill with water isn’t going to make any difference at all, and if parents use this book as their advisor and treat their children with nothing, then they’re going to suffer.

The writer obviously had a vested interest in that outlook as she was a homeopath herself, but I had never come across these kinds of statements before, which seem to cross a general CAM ideal that their products cure everything but anything proven to work doesn’t. Funny ain’t it?

She was also way too easy on Andrew Wakefield, taking his study as it was presented by the media, despite the truth of twisted data, biased testing, all his colleagues dropping out, his financial bribe and the fact that he’s no longer a doctor and the paper was so atrocious The Lancet had it stricken off the record.

That sounds pretty conclusive to me.

There was also a book promoting baby massages but I didn’t have a go at that one despite the dangers of screwing with a still-forming skeleton, mainly because I’d already made one statement, and nobody else around me seemed to be bothered, it really does make me wonder sometimes.


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