Good Vibrations

So, on the 21st of February a psychology class at Northwestern University, USA was treated to a rather erotic sight that the university’s president found incredibly disturbing.

For those who haven’t heard about this, it is rather odd, and whether you approve or not really depends where you stand on the free speech – censorship scale, and also how affected you are by what some feminists would term demoralising (although the woman in question was quoted as saying she had a lot of fun, and is by nature an exhibitionist).

Now I am getting this story from the BBC news, so any Americans reading who know I have a couple of facts wrong, I do apologise on behalf of my country, myself and the means by which I received this information.

Now, if you’re going to a lecture on sexual arousal to university students, I’m sure there isn’t much they don’t already know, and although I don’t want to fall into stereotyping, the typical student is already very much sexually active.

And the controversy here in fact, is that the psychology professor at Northwestern University; Michael Bailey, brought in ‘exhibitionist’ Faith Kroll to demonstrate sexual arousal using what I assume was a vibrator. This came under the advice of a fellow lecturer who could see nothing wrong with this demonstration, and while there are technically no violations as far as I can see, they could really have just gone over the theory and got the same points across, even pornography would have given the same thing with a little less controversy.

The problem here again is sensitivity, and while all parties may have approved, and the students might have really enjoyed themselves, well, it does kind of invite people to get upset.

What are your thoughts? Where do you stand on this issue?

Does the fact that the woman volunteered to do this mean that it was okay?

I may be suffering from the fact that I’m not a woman here and maybe there is a side that I haven’t seen, so I would be very interested to note what I’m missing.

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