Say Aaaaah!

How polite do you want your dentists? Well, you’d probably expect a few unspoken rules, taboos which when broken can lead to just a little discomfort, but if your dentist was a little rude and not very subtle about his bodily functions, would you speak out or just change dentists if you felt as if he was a problem?

Well 35 year old Matthew Walton from Shrewsbury was recently struck off from his dental work by the general dental council for ‘protection of the public’, is this going too far? There are going to be a few less than savoury people in each profession, is it really right to strike them off the list rather than giving them a referendum?

To be fair, Mr. Walton can appeal until April, but if not, well then he loses his ability to work as a dentist in the UK, and that kinda sucks.

To get a clearer picture, Mr. Walton was accused of:

– breaking wind during appointments

– telling a patient he had bad breath

– exposing a nurse to X-ray radiation

– making derogatory comments about unemployed patients

– asking for money to be shown before treatment

– pushing a nervous teen declaring that he would ‘sit down and let [him] do it”

Now, some of these are fairly serious offences, however, surely this man can be educated in the rights and wrongs of his practice, I’m sure with his job on the line it might convince him to be a little more careful, but it shouldn’t be the immediate response of his higher-uppers to threaten him with redundancy.

I mean, as a dentist, surely he’s allowed to tell his patients they have bad breath? Is that not part of his job? And surely people can excuse him for flatulence, he’s only human after all, yes, I know some people take offence but we all do it, no-one can deny that (although I’ve heard a couple try).

The man does come across as a bad egg in this case, but there are better ways to deal with a problem practitioner than with threats, are you not in charge of all British dentists? Is this not a little childish of an approach considering how smart you are meant to be?


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