Inside Charlie Sheen’s Mind

So if anyone was wondering, why it was that Charlie Sheen decided that he’s got the brain of an extra-terrestrial that will make you explode, I’ve got an answer for you that will leave your children crying all over your exploded body.

Now, if I actually thought dubstep was a half decent form of music I might not have found this so funny, but regardless, for anyone who wants to see what it was like for Charlie going through that interview rather than the WTF moments the rest of the world is having while watching his mouth dribble out what appears to be ironically accidental comedy gold, then you’ve got it.

You would really think a man that has essentially parodied himself for eight years would be a little more careful really though wouldn’t you? I mean, we all knew he was a little on the odd side, but now he’s crossed the border from conspiracy theorist and domestic abuser to full blown arkham asylum type crazy.

Now if batman were around what would he do?


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