Biting The Bullet

So it’s come to the point where I really need to call up some agents and see if I get get some representation for that book I spent the last eight months working on, and I have quite a large brick wall in the way, one that you might have already guessed from the healthy portions of my character I manage to ooze out over here every day. The very fact that this problem exist makes it difficult to contact people, seem professional, ask for help, and I’m pretty sure I share it with at least a medium sized group of the general western population.

No it’s nothing to do with dancing.

I hate ringing people.

And I know that obviously there are exceptions for close friends, family etc. but by the time that’s comfortable to me they’re sick enough of me that it won’t exactly be well met, and I mean that in the most whimsical way possible before I get slack for being too hard on myself again.

I tell myself I will ring them, and I do believe that, but it’s going to tear my insides in two to do so, and because of the rarity that an agent being interested in someone new is these days (and probably since the first were established way back when) I’m going to have to do a hell of a lot of it.

And that’s just stage one of the plan, after that I need to figure out their specific requests and treat them all separately which is fine, except that the mind wishes for simple solutions, and the kind of businesses I dream about making it in are those that are defined as the most ruthless in the world, working under a very luck-based approach, something that, did I not trust probability over luck, I would consider myself to be at the lower end of that particular cosmic scale.

So if anyone knows an agent that’s taking on clients send them my way, not to make my job easier, but because you’re a nice person.


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