Pokémon and Dowsing

For all fans of pokémon, of which there are a surprising number considering how much growing up the original fan base has been doing since 1997, there is an application to the games that is always looked over and seen as but a convenience, from its beginnings as the itemfinder, to its current incarnation as the dowsing machine, this efficient and simple way of finding the game’s hidden items is not just based on simplicity and convenience, but on a real pseudoscience that some people genuinely believe in.

Now dowsing itself is the process in which people hold two ‘dowsing rods’ in their hands that respond to tiny unconscious movements called the idio-motor effect, something which can easily convince people that they are indeed finding what they need through magical means due to the nature of the effect.

Much of the time the rods will follow what you think they should due to their movement’s origin in your brain, in fact, if you hold them loosely, they are sometimes hard to even keep still.

The point of the rods is that they will point in a direction, or sometimes cross in conjunction with whichever objective the user is told they can be used for, perhaps the most outrageous of which was the mass production of dowsing rods for western armed forces to detect bombs, truly a horrific exploitation of human life and gullibility for profit.

When requested the rods were taken apart and the only things inside were those tags you get on the sides of CDs in shops to stop people from stealing them. That’s not going to save people’s lives, if anything it’s going to delay the response and put more people in danger. If you’re sceptical of this, I have the news story at the bottom of the page.

Thankfully however, dowsing machines in pokémon exist and therefore aren’t the nonsensical money-grabber they are in the real world.

6 responses to “Pokémon and Dowsing

  1. Actually, dowsing can be very effective. You say that it’s fake because there are no little internal motors, but you’re missing the point here. Dowsing tools interact with the intrinsic psychic ability in a human being. And they don’t always go where expected – indeed they often go unexpected places, but, in the hands of someone that knows what they’re doing, they can be extremely accurate

    Dowsing has been successfully used for generations to find things such as water and lost items. Indeed, you may owe the water source you’re drinking from to a dowser


  2. …and, looking at the link, it’s refering to an article which is called a dowsing rod, but is not a dowsing rod, nor does it have the advantage of an experienced dowser (which is the important part of the equipment) involved.

    As for James Randi, he has made a career out of snearing at anything he doesn’t understand. He was a professional magician himself, and comes from the viewpoint that, since he faked things, everyone is faking. Since he has a financial interest in declaring things to be fakes, his opionion on things is hardly unbalanced


    • well what in your mind would separate this from what you would refer to as the genuine dowsing rods, and if they do indeed work as you say I have a lot of things I’d like you to find for me 😉

  3. If you re-read the article, you’ll find that people say they work “like dowsing rods” and some people call them “dowsing rods” but they aren’t being used by people who have experience dowsing and the energy field of the dowser is part of the process (it’s like if you have the best car ever, but don’t know how to drive, you’re either going to wrap that car around a telephone pole or be unable to start it)

    I tend to dowse using a pendulum rather than L rods (although I’ve dabbled in them) and I use dowsing primarily for information


    • First of all I’m pretty sure I owe tap water to plumbing and you’d probably offend a few plumbers with that statement 😉

      I have never heard of dowsing rods having a psychic connection but I’m sure that you are not the first to posit this, however, given your description you pretty much confirmed to me that they don’t work.

      What you are arguing for is confirmation bias, combined of course with the idiomotor effect.

      Of course an experienced dowser would know whereabouts they were looking for what they want to find and so the probability is vastly increased, not to mention the fact that water isn’t hard to find, just dig for a while and you’ll find it, if not in a pipe (which in this day and age, it’s hard not to find one) but in its uncontained form.

      I’d like to see how you can posit that Randi has a financial interest in declaring these things fake from his non-profit organisation willing to give out a million dollars to people who can pass a double blind test.

      I would also argue that your opinions are not backed up by anything I would consider to be unbalanced also, considering your background your profession demands that you ignore the evidence at hand, I would like to see a simple study that proves your point.

      I also have never read anything suggesting that dowsing could find anything but physical objects, finding information just seems like a very tenuous use and I would argue that the rods used to endanger lives for profit in the middle east are more akin to dowsing rods than what you are describing.

      Energy fields are also unproven and can’t in that sense be used to provide an explanation, especially considering how little you seem to agree with the general opinion of dowsers but I digress.

      If you wish to change my mind (in an article about pokémon no less) then you can conduct a series of double blinded experiments to prove it yourself, have them peer reviewed and accepted into a scientific journal and I will wholeheartedly agree with your point 🙂

      It’s been interesting ^^

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