Embracing Profanity

Just a little thought I’ve been pondering over for a while now. Something that is deeply ingrained in our society to the point of regulations and censorship but has never really made sense in my mind.

I’m talking of course about profanity.

Now, there are many people that believe that dropping an f-bomb etc. is inherently a bad thing, but really is it so terrible? These select words that out world frowns upon do not cause more violence, hatred etc. than other words surely?

And I’m not talking about racist words etc. we all know the connotations of those, however, in these instances they are directly targeted to cause harm through discrimination, calling someone a dick for example, does not make a point to distinguish from the fact that the user themselves could be a dick.

Through free speech and the realisation that words are there to be used I do believe there is a place for profanity in the world, I really fucking do.


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