What is it about the story of a rock band going from their humble beginnings to their demises/pedestals that is so exciting to me? Seriously I watched a one hour documentary on metallica a while back full of information that I already knew and I was still completely hooked. Perhaps it’s because it’s always been a dream of mine to be in that world-famous rock band that everyone’s heard of, but I don’t think I’m alone here.

I say this because Foo Fighters just released a trailer for their upcoming documentary on their youtube channel and I’m already completely stoked about the thing, stick in ‘I don’t want to play with that guy from Nirvana’ and ‘It’s just the worst band name ever.” and I’m already completely sold.

Now it helps that I already adore Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Grohl’s work in general but I really do think its more of a ubiquitous thing, these ‘rockumentaries’. To me they’re entirely captivating, no matter who they are centered on. Particular ones that stand out for me include Jimi Hendrix and Thin Lizzy, but who doesn’t like Hendrix? And no-one can deny they’re a fan of at least one song from Thin Lizzy’s impressive repertoire.

On the subject however, anyone who’s seen the story of Anvil will agree that despite its place in the ‘rockumentary’ frontier, it’s very different and it’s very moving, especially after seeing so many success stories, it’s heartbreaking to watch people dedicate their lives to their dreams and never quite grasp them, it’s the kind of thing that really gets to me and worries me in a very obvious way.

So go watch that trailer, which I will post below and if you have time, watch the story of Anvil because especially if you’re trying the whole musician thing, it’ll tug at your heartstrings a little.


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