For The Record (See What I Did There?)

I do wonder why people make such a big fuss about the religion section on the upcoming census.

I mean, after the whole Jedi thing everyone wants to make big on putting something silly under the religion category but seriously if you’re nonreligious can you not just say so?

Obvious in jokes like this :

Well, they’re a little dry. The joke’s worn off, it’s like the race to Christmas number one after Killing In The Name made it, suddenly everyone had their own little ideas for it and didn’t band together for the one statement, it’s just a little ridiculous, is it possible for a movement to jump the shark? Because they often do in my mind.

There are many people who wouldn’t consider themselves a part of an organised religion but isn’t it a much better idea to get your voice heard in that respect? Shouldn’t you be able to stand proud and say ‘I’m a non-believer’ rather than making your beliefs invalid, void from the system?

Tell the census what you believe or do not believe, don’t let future generations ignore your voice just so they can scan over some inside joke that will have died out within a couple of years.


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